A Great Campaign in Support of Domestic Workers’ Rights

When a group of Lebanese women were asked on the challenges their face at home or at work, and what they'd wish their employers would change, they replied asking for shorter working hours, a longer lunch break, more recognition among others. When their domestic workers were asked the same questions, they complained on how they have no break, no bed to sleep on, a 24/7 work schedule and they're treated as if their employers own…

There Were 100 Deaths by Suicide in Lebanon This Year So Far

ISF stats reported 100 deaths by suicide so far this year in Lebanon, versus 143 in the year 2017. If we take May by itself, the numbers are quite shocking as 23 death by suicide occurred, which means that we have on average a suicide every two days and a half in Lebanon and an attempted suicide every 6 hours! Yes, someone attempts suicide every 6 hours in Lebanon and despite all attempts to raise…

LAU’s Dr. Lina Abirafeh Among The World’s 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy

8 months ago
Lebanese-Palestinian Lina Rafeh, director of the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese American University, was included on the world’s 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy in 2018, a ...

#ForwardWithLebanon: The Jezzine Hub

9 months ago
The “Jezzine Hub” is a youth-led community center that organizes workshops, cultural activities and offers support for innovative ideas in an attempt to strengthen the involvement of Jezzine young citizens in the socio-economic development of ...

#ForwardWithLebanon: Mini Football Court in Ain Qana

9 months ago
I remember back when were kids, we’d spend weekends in the village playing football on dirt or on tarmac not because our village was poor, but because it was far from the city and no ...

#Elections2018: Polling Stations Still ill-equipped To Accommodate People with Disabilities

10 months ago
Elections are in a couple of weeks and Lebanese with disabilities won’t be able to vote at the majority of polling stations because they are ill-equipped to accommodate citizens with disabilities. Tens of people were ...

#ForwardWithLebanon: Lebanon and the EU

10 months ago
Since 2011, it feels like most of the work being done by the international community in Lebanon, has been geared towards refugees. While the refugee crisis has required a lot of support from the rest ...

Remembering April 13 1975: The Missing Have Been Absent yet Somehow Still Present

10 months ago
Thousands of Lebanese disappeared and have been missing since April 13 1975, their names are still on electoral lists but they’re not here. Their families are still looking for answers but the government has yet ...

Dutch Ambassador Jan Waltmans Joins Eves on Wheels for a Bike Ride in Tripoli Mina

10 months ago
What began as a simple photography project to celebrate women and their bicycles in Tripoli has turned into frequent bike rides around Lebanon, and a regular call to celebrate life with women on bikes. The ...

Lebanese Women’s Struggle in One Infographic

11 months ago
Megaphone shared an infographic showing the various obstacles that Lebanese women had to overcome over the years in their struggle for women’s rights, and the many struggles that remain. The infographic showcases ten key stages ...