UN-Habitat and UNICEF Neighborhoods 2018 studies of Tripoli’s Jabal Mohsen, El-Qobbeh, and Tabbaneh revealed staggering poverty rates ranging from 55 to 60 percent. In Tabbaneh for ex who’s working age-population (from 15 to 63) is approximately 12,750, including around 10,830 Lebanese and 1,890 non-Lebanese, 58.8% of Lebanese reported being unemployed while 62.8 percent of the non-Lebanese reported being unemployed.

In terms of poverty rates, it is the highest in Jabal Mohsen at 20% followed by 13 percent in El Qobbeh, and 14 percent in Tabbaneh. “According to the UNICEF, the poverty rate is a wealth index that includes households that have or do not have the following items: A fixed phone, radio, television, refrigerator, watch, bicycle, motorcycle or moped, cart, car, boat, computer, mobile, or Internet”. [Source]

The situation has been catastrophic in these areas for years now, with more than half of the buildings in Tabbaneh for example needing emergency intervention. There are many buildings not even connected to the electrical grid and without any water. Salaries-wise, almost 50% earn less than $266 monthly in Tabbaneh for example.

You can read one of the reports [here].