This is probably the best time to lend a helping hand to your local communities, but in case you don’t know where to start or who to help, there’s an awesome online skill-sharing platform that matches enthusiastic volunteers, community servicers, experience seekers, and multi-talented individuals with the cause that needs them the most, in real-time.

[The Volunteer Circle] is the first consolidated and inclusive volunteer hub in Lebanon and has connected so far 2000 volunteers with 120+ organizations.

How to sign up?
The aspiring volunteer only has to sign up and create a profile to begin applying. On the other hand, the organizations and NGOs post their needs and calls for volunteers as well. In order to link the right volunteer to the right organization, they have set up an algorithm that matches the two, based on common similarities (mentioned above).

The COVID-19 hotline:

When the COVID-19 pandemic begun, the team behind the Volunteer Circle initiated “the Coronavirus Hotline” project, in partnership with Ogero and Rafik Hariri University Hospital. This initiative supports the Red Cross, healthcare centers, and the general public by training volunteer operators (30 so far) to help cover the helpline and serve people 24/7.

In the inception of crises, there has never been a better time to give back. Sign up [here] if you have an NGO or wish to volunteer and help or both!