Monnot Theater Cancels Wajdi Mouawad Play Following Official Complaint & Threats

Lebanese-Canadian writer and actor Wajdi Mouawad was hosting the world premiere of his latest play "Wedding Day at the Cromagnons" at the Monnot Theater in Beirut, however the play was cancelled after activists lodged a complaint against Mouawad with the Military Prosecutor's Office. In addition to that, actors taking part in the play were harassed and received serious threats. The reason behind the complaint is that Mouawad engaged in "normalization with Israel", which I assume…

SWISS Cancels Flight to Beirut in Mid-Air Due to Security Concerns

A flight from Zurich to Beirut operated by Swiss International Air Lines got cancelled yesterday in mid-air due to security concerns in Lebanon. According to a Swiss site, "Swiss experts decided on Friday night to cancel the flight from Zurich to Beirut while in the airspace over Bosnia-Herzegovina, owing to a security situation that was difficult to assess". They did not mention what prompted this decision but I figure it might be related to the…

Meet Charbel Bassil: A Talented Iconographer & Painter from Zahle

3 months ago
Iconography is by definition “the science of identification, description, classification, and interpretation of symbols, themes, and subject matter in the visual arts”. The beginnings of Christian iconography can be dated to Saint Luke the Evangelist ...

Téléférique Has Finally Reopened

3 months ago
The iconic Téléférique du Liban has finally reopened its doors after four months of closure due to maintenance. The closure was prompted by an unfortunate incident where two Teleferique cabins collided leaving 25 people stranded ...

8 Billion Dollars in Irregular Trades between Optimum Invest & The Central Bank

3 months ago
A recent report by Lebanese newspaper Nidaa al Watan has revealed 45 highly irregular transactions between a brokerage company called Optimum and the Central Bank. The transactions took place between 2015 and 2018 and amounted ...

Canadian Councillor Wants To Declare Ottawa “Shawarma Capital of Canada”

3 months ago
Laura Dudas, an Ottawa councillor, has officially asked council to recognize Ottawa as “The Shawarma Capital of Canada”. The council is expected to vote on this motion at their next meeting. I have no idea ...

LAU New York is Now a Branch campus

3 months ago
The Lebanese American University HQ & academic centre, which has been present in New York since 2013, is now LAU’s first global branch campus, making LAU the first MENA-based university to have a campus in ...

A First in Lebanon: A Beauty and Wellbeing Forum Between April 18 & 21

3 months ago
An impressive lineup of over 200 exhibitors will welcome guests between April 18 and 21 2024 at the Beauty & Wellbeing Forum, a first of its kind forum in Lebanon. The event is co-organized by ...

Pictures From The 2024 Zambo Festival in Mina, Tripoli

3 months ago
Zambo is one of the most unusual celebrations in Lebanon and it takes place in Mina, Tripoli every year right before the start of the Orthodox Lent. Participants from all different cultural, social and religious ...

Bustan El Zeitoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil Earns Two 2024 Global Awards

3 months ago
Bustan El Zeitoun, an olive oil from the Southern town of Abra, has been rewarded once again at the EVOOLEUM Awards 2024, an international platform whose aim is to ensure production efficiency and meticulous selection ...