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We're going through tough times where every dollar/Lira counts. Our economy is crumbling, businesses are shutting down, poverty levels are skyrocketing and on top of all that we have the COVID19 crisis to manage. The lack of funds to equip hospitals is quite alarming and NGOs are desperately looking for donors to fund their work and keep helping those in need. Thought the past few days, we wrote about an initiative to provide hospitals with…

Bayte Baytak – A free Airbnb initiative to shelter Red Cross and Medical Heroes during coronavirus crisis

"!كرمال أبطال الجهاز الطبي والصليب الأحمر بيوتنا إلكن" Lebanese always find a way to help each other. But this time, it transcended all expectations. People opening their doors to welcome Lebanese Red Cross volunteers and Medical Heroes for free, and help them quarantine away from their families and close to their working places, since they're one of the sectors that cannot stop during this coronavirus crisis. The Airbnb initiative, launched a few days ago…

Three Initiatives by Lebanese To Produce Ventilators For #COVID19 Patients

1 week ago
Are there enough ventilators to treat all the patients? This is a question that’s being asked all over the world as the coronavirus pandemic spreads its wings. Ventilators are key to treating critical patients as ...

Calls to applaud the medical staff at 5PM, while MTV Lebanon launches marathon Téléthon day

2 weeks ago
The image has been shared widely around Europe, in France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands in particular. People stepping out on their balconies and saluting the medical staff working at hospitals, at around 8PM every ...

Information Ministry Launches Official #COVID19 Website

2 weeks ago
The Lebanese Information Ministry has launched officially today a website dedicated to the covid19 crisis, where the latest stats regarding the outbreak. The aim, as mentioned by the minister, is to have one official source ...

Is Lebanon Managing Well The COVID19 Crisis?

2 weeks ago
According to the chart published today by the AUB Global Health Institute, Lebanon is relatively doing much better than other countries, such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Greece and Bahrain, in containing #COVID19 till ...

Ten Fun Shows You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

2 weeks ago
My wife & I are usually very strict about screen time, allowing the boys barely an hour per day even on weekends, but with schools and daycare closing because of the new coronavirus and parents ...

Thermal Scanners Deployed at Rafic Hariri International Airport

3 weeks ago
The Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon tweeted earlier today pictures of two human temperature measuring equipments donated by Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd and deployed at the airport. This will help the authorities measure temperatures without ...

COVID-19: We Need to Change Our Behavior To Avoid An Emergency Lockdown

3 weeks ago
“Cancel Everything: Social distancing is the only way to stop the coronavirus.We must start immediately“. That was the title of one of the coronavirus-related articles on The Atlantic today and it’s hard to disagree with ...
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Matteo el Khodr On Hisham Haddad’s Lahon w Bass

3 weeks ago
It’s good to see Hisham host Matteo on his show, especially after he mocked his talent three years ago. As I said back then, I am not an opera fan but one cannot but praise ...