Syria’s Off Shore Oil Bloc-1 Includes Part of Lebanon’s Maritime Territory

While the Lebanese authorities have been in ongoing discussions over the disputed offshore area with Israel, the Syrian regime is set to start oil exploration off its southern coast in an area that includes roughly 750 sq km of Lebanon's waters. This scandal was brought up by Lebanese oil & gas expert Laury Haytayan who wondered if the authorities are aware of this flagrant violation and if it's ok for our "loving" neighbor to invade…

Cost of Fattoush Has Gone Up By 210%

Food prices have soared by up to 400% in December 2020 and Lebanon's inflation rate has hit 84.9% in 2020, the highest since 2013. Last December, food prices have increased by up to 400% as follows: Breakdown of December price increases from a year earlier: - Food and non-alcoholic beverages rose 402.3% - Alcoholic beverages, tobacco up 392.5% - Clothing and footwear increased 559.8% - Restaurants and hotels rose 609% - Furnishings, household equipment and…

Dangerous Chemical Substances Found in Zahrani Powerplant

3 weeks ago
Following today’s meeting, The Higher Defense Council has decided to extend the general mobilization for six months over COVID-19 and more importantly, ex-PM Hassan Diab mentioned that dangerous chemical substances were discovered in the Zahrani ...
Food : Bringing A Taste of Lebanon to Dubai

3 weeks ago
The F&B sector has been hit hard during these difficult times and plenty of outlets are struggling to survive the crisis without shutting down. Whether it’s the protests and unrest that followed the October 2019 ...

The Goethe Institute Offers Support To The Sursock Museum

3 weeks ago
The Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum is one of Lebanon’s most important and most visited museums. It first opened in 1961 with a mission to collect, preserve, and exhibit local and international art, and played key ...

Lebanese-German Amin Younes Receives First Call-Up To German Squad Since 2017

3 weeks ago
Eintracht Frankfurt’s player Amin Younes has been given his first call-up to Germany’s squad since October 2017 after a great display this season especially during the matchup against German Champions Bayern Munich. Younes last played ...

Lebanon’s Famous Street Food Outlet Barbar Set to Open in Dubai

3 weeks ago
Dubai will have its first Barbar restaurant as the famous Lebanese food outlet is set to open a 600 square meter branch located in Hessa street that will offer both dine-in and delivery services. Barbar’s ...

Lebanon Will Get One Million Doses of Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine Next Thursday

3 weeks ago
After weeks of stalling, the Health Ministry has finally taken the first step towards speeding up the vaccination campaign in Lebanon, by allowing a Pharmaline, a private Lebanese company, to acquire one million doses of ...

Some Shops Are Charging 500LL For Extra Plastic Bags

3 weeks ago
A video was circulating last week where a grocery shop owner was filmed asking a customer to pay LL500 for an extra plastic bag. I heard a similar story from a friend of mine at ...

Women March in Solidarity With Mothers of Beirut Blast Victims

3 weeks ago
Several marches were organized across Lebanon today in solidarity with the mothers who lost their loved ones in the August 4 Beirut blast. The powerful explosion killed over 200 people and injured thousands. Among the ...