The Promise is Coming to Netflix on August 8th

The first American film to depict the Armenian Genocide will be available for Netflix viewers on August 8th. The Promise, directed by Terry George, came out in 2016 and features Oscar Isaac, as an Armenian medical student; Christian Bale, as an American journalist; and Charlotte Le Bon, as the Armenian woman both men come to love, and is set against the Armenian Genocide in Turkey at the outset of World War I. This movie would…

Two Exciting Netflix Releases Next Week

Michael Jordan's "The Last Dance" docuseries is scheduled to be released on April 20th and I can't freaking wait! This ten-part documentary series is an all-access footage of Michael Jordan's final season and championship with the Chicago Bulls. I remember how tense the playoffs were especially against the Utah Jazz and those memorable last three minutes of Game 6. "The Last Dance" marks the first time Jordan has agreed to sit for a long-form documentary…

Disney Plus Originals Coming to the Middle East on April 9

4 months ago
Good news for everyone still locked in, you will have more material to binge on soon as OSN will start featuring all of Disney Plus original content on April 9. Disney+ rollout in the Middle ...

Lebanon Protests Featured in Money Heist Netflix Documentary

4 months ago
Netflix recently released an hour-long documentary Money Heist: The Phenomenon, showing why and how “Money Heist” sparked a wave of enthusiasm around the world. Around Minute 6, they’re talking on how jumpsuits and masks from ...

Ten Movies I’ve Seen More than Five Times

4 months ago
Since we’re all stuck home, I thought of sharing ten films that I remember watching at least five times. I might have missed some, but these are the movies that came to mind now: 1- ...
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Matteo el Khodr On Hisham Haddad’s Lahon w Bass

4 months ago
It’s good to see Hisham host Matteo on his show, especially after he mocked his talent three years ago. As I said back then, I am not an opera fan but one cannot but praise ...

Matteo EL Khodr Gets All Four Judges To Turn on The Voice France Debut

5 months ago
Matteo el Khodr is an awesome talent, and he proved it once again tonight on The Voice France. Matteo performed « La Wally » d’Alfredo Catalani and got all judges to turn. The Parisian-based countertenor ...

Anfeh Beach Featured on Netflix’s Lethal Weapon Season 3

5 months ago
On Episode 5 of Lethal Weathon’s third season, Cole is investigating an art robbery when he finds common ground with Lena Bechara, a Lebanese art collector. Lena was looking for her mother’s drawing of Anfeh ...

Did Metropolis Beirut Shut Down For Good?

7 months ago
When the October 17 revolution begun, Metropolis issued a statement suspending all its activities until further notice in solidarity with the uprising, but three months later, Annahar reported that the theater has shut down for ...
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Vice & BBC Reports on Lebanon’s Green Gold (Cannabis)

9 months ago
One estimate suggested that the Lebanese authorities could earn somewhere between half a billion and one billion dollars yearly if they were to legalize cannabis. However, the idea seems far-fetched at the moment even though ...