Capernaum is on Netflix!

I posted recently on Lebanese movies available to watch on Netflix and Capernaum wasn't there. I saw someone post on Facebook today that it's there so I checked again and found it! If you haven't seen Nadine Labaki's masterpiece yet, here's your chance to do so.

Movie Review: The Lion King [2019]

The Lion King was the first-ever movie I bought as a videocassette. I even bought the booklet and collected all the stickers back then. Even though it's been released some 25 years ago, I still enjoy watching it from time to time especially with my nephews and nieces. This being said, Disney has recently released a remake of the original one, practically a carbon copy with a shift from animation to reality and I finally…

Larissa Takchi Wins 2019 MasterChef Australia

3 weeks ago
Larissa Takchi, a 22-year-old Lebanese-Australian restaurant manager born and raised in Sydney, has won the 2019 MasterChef Australia title, making her the youngest winner ever of the TV show. Larissa is a self-taught cook with ...

2 Movies to be Banned in Lebanon for Promoting Homosexuality & Israeli intelligence

3 weeks ago
The General Security Censorship Bureau in Lebanon has asked to ban on July 19, 2019 2 new movies in the country. The Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya Haffar El Hassan has yet to give ...

“Beyrouth la rayonnante”, a new 43-minute documentary by M6

4 weeks ago
French TV stations love to explore countries that speak the same language all around the world, Lebanon being one of them. M6 has unleashed on its TV show 66 minutes on July 14, a new ...

Lebanon to Have its First Netflix Series “Dollar” on August 8

4 weeks ago
A few weeks after controversial Jordanian series “Jinn” made the headlines by becoming the first Arabic series to hit the Netflix platform on June 13, Lebanon strikes with a series of his own, “Dollar”, which ...

Lebanese Movies on Netflix

1 month ago
Front Row Filmed Entertainment shared a short video listing all the Lebanese movies that are currently on Netflix. Th current movies streaming on Netflix are: – Bosta – Taxi el Ballad – The Attack – ...

“Are You Glad I’m Here” Available on Amazon Prime

1 month ago
I’ve been meaning to watch this movie ever since I saw the trailer and it’s now on Amazon Prime. “Are You Glad I’m Here” is a film by Lebanese-American filmmaker Noor Fay Gharzeddine. This is ...
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Reviewing Netflix’s First Original Arabic Series: Jinn

1 month ago
I’m not a big fan of Teen shows but I was excited to watch “Jinn” especially that it’s Netflix’ first original Arabic series. The series was created by Lebanese producer Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya (Kabreet Production), ...

Arab Drama TV Shows Helping Normalize Domestic Abuse

2 months ago
DW shared a two-minute video showing excerpts from the latest Ramadan TV shows where women are being abused by their husbands or parents, and explaining how these shows are helping normalize domestic abuse against women. ...