Have You Seen Elissa’s Netflix Docuseries?

Netflix has released a documentary last week shedding light on the life and career of Lebanese pop star Elissa, and I have to say it was actually a good watch. The docuseries consists of three episodes only and provides insight into her rise to fame and the challenges she faced, specifically her breast cancer battle. Whether you like Elissa's songs or not, one cannot deny her talent as she's one of the most celebrated pop…

“Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn” Now Playing on Apple TV

Apple TV released today a series on Carlos Ghosn entitled “Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn”. The four-episode series tells the tale of the Brazilian-French-Lebanese businessman and how he managed to escape from Japan by hiding in a box. Netflix released earlier this year a similar series however Ghosn is interviewed in the Apple series which makes it far more interesting. You can watch it .

The “Beirut Dreams In Color” Movie Was Officially Nominated for An Emmy

9 months ago
“Beirut Dreams in Color” is a short movie directed by Michael Collins about the Mashrou’ Leila Lebanese rock band and feminist activist Sarah Hegazi. Mashrou’ Leila was one of the most popular alternative rock group ...

Award-Winning Lebanese Film “Peek-A-Boom” Premiering on YouTube on July 25

10 months ago
Update: You can watch it [here]. Our talented friends at wezank produced a short animated movie back in 2020 entitled “Peek-A-Boom” (بَؤّوســي in arabic) that has won them several awards including Best Animation at Harlem ...

“Anxious in Beirut” Wins Best Documentary Film Award at Shanghai International Film Festival

11 months ago
“Anxious in Beirut”, a documentary directed by Zakaria Jaber and produced by Jumana Saadeh, has won the award for Best Documentary Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The documentary covers the three years of ...
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Netflix’s Cleopatra To Be Released on May 10 Despite Feud with Egypt

1 year ago
Was Queen Cleopatra black or white? Is Adele James a more accurate representation of the Egyptian Queen than Elizabeth Taylor? This is not the first and won’t be the last debate over Cleopatra’s race but ...

Full List of Banned Movies in Lebanon

1 year ago
Following the latest Scream VI ban, I thought of compiling a list of all banned movies & shows in Lebanon based on previous blog posts and online findings. There was a museum of censorship initiative ...

After Scream 6, Barbie To Be Banned in Lebanon?

1 year ago
Scream 6 got banned in Lebanon and the Middle East due to one scene that included LGBTQ+ characters, and it looks like Barbie is set to be banned as well as it includes gay characters. ...

George Khabbaz Powerful Scene in Ramadan Show Getting Mixed Reactions

1 year ago
Lebanese renowned actor and director George Khabbaz is starring in a Ramadan show on Shahid called “Al Narr bil Narr” (Fire with Fire). The series deals with the daily social conflict between the Lebanese and ...

“Costa Brava, Lebanon” Now Streaming on Netflix

1 year ago
The award-winning film “Costa Brava” directed by Mounia Akl starring Nadine Labaki is now streaming on Netflix for all those who wish to see it. The movie has already won the “Green Star” award from ...