After “Lightyear”, Lebanese General Security Bans “Minions: The Rise of Gru”

Lightyear, the prequel to Pixar's Toy Story franchise, was banned in Lebanon back in June for featuring a brief kiss between a same-sex couple. 13 other Middle Easter and Asian countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and the UAE, decided to ban the movie because of that scene. Today, the Lebanese General Security has decided to ban the latest Minions movie from cinemas without officially stating the reason behind the ban. According to Megaphone…

A New LBCI Documentary On Lebanon’s Lords of War and Money

LBCI is showing soon a documentary prepared by Lebanese Journalist Jad Ghosn on Lebanon's lords of war and money. The documentary is entitled "التاريخ الذي لم يروَ..." or "The Untold history" and features on its promo Samir Geagea, Gebran Bassil, Hassan Nasrallah, Nabil Berri, Michel Aoun, Walid Jumblatt, Gebran Bassil, Saad Hariri, Rafik Hariri & Nabih Berri. Jad is one of the most respected journalists in Lebanon and has been producing in the past year…

“Beirut After 40” Wins 2021 Hollywood Gold Award For Short Documentary

2 years ago
‘Beirut After 40’ by Anthony Merchak has just won the Hollywood Gold Award for Short Documentary. In this documentary, Anthony describes his personal experience, as he was few meters away from the explosion that took ...

A Documentary on The Assad Regime’s Mass Graves

2 years ago
Al Jazeera shared few days ago a haunting documentary on the mass graves in Syria under Assad’s rule, including an interview with an unnamed witness that helped dig graves around Damascus. The harrowing testimony by ...

Naim Halawi 2022 Predictions

2 years ago
It was quite pathetic but not surprising to see all Lebanese TVs hosting psychics and clairvoyants on NYE. I miss the old days where they actually did an effort to come up with a heart ...

First Netflix Arabic Original Film Coming Out on January 20

2 years ago
“أصحاب… ولا أعزّ،” is the Arabic adaptation of hit Italian concept movie “Perfect Strangers” and will be the first Netflix Arabic original film. The release date was announced yesterday by Netflix MENA. The movie was ...

Mounia Akl’s “Costa Brava” To Represent Lebanon at the 2021 Oscars

2 years ago
The Lebanese Ministry of Culture has selected the film “Costa Brava”, directed by Mounia Akl, to compete at the Oscars for Best International Film. The movie has recently won the “Green Star” award from the ...
Movies & Television

Seinfeld is Now On Netflix

2 years ago
“Friends” left Netflix in January 2020 but “Seinfeld” just started streaming on Netflix following a five-year deal with Sony Pictures Television signed back in 2019. All 180 episodes of the classic 1990s sitcom are launching ...

Alephia 2053

2 years ago
I just finished “Alephia 2053” and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was despite being 50 minutes long. Alephia 2053 is the first dystopian animation movie produced in Lebanon and has gathered the ...

[Spoiler Alert] What Happens To Beirut In The Movie Greenland?

3 years ago
Ever since the situation started deteriorating in Lebanon, especially in 2020 where we had to face an economic crisis, a pandemic, a collapsing Lira and the August 4 blast, many Lebanese would jokingly wish for ...