How Did Kfardebian Become The “2024 the Arab Winter Resort Capital”?

Kfardebian was named last week the "2024 Arab Winter Resort Capital" during a ceremony held at the Mzaar ski slopes and attended by the Saudi Ambassador, Lebanon's Tourism Minister and of course representatives from the Kfardebian municipality. The designation was made by the Arab Tourism Organization, an organization derived from the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism, and specialized in promoting and developing Arab tourism. The ATO is based in Saudi Arabia and includes 22 Arab…

We Now Have Bathroom Reviewers in Lebanon

I remember hearing about a Tiktoker going viral for reviewing bathrooms in luxury stores, claiming that high-end stores should have fancy bathrooms, but my interest in bathroom reviews stopped there. It appears though that this trend hasn't died yet and even reached Lebanon where people are reviewing random toilets now, including university and mall toilets, and asking people to recommend their favourite Lebanese bathrooms. Is it just me who finds this whole trend disgusting and…

Public Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat is Retiring Today From His Post

1 month ago
Lebanon’s top prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat has officially left office today following a 5-year tenure from September 2019 to February 2024. Oueidat will leave his post after having reached retirement age, and will be replaced by ...

Kalei Coffee Co. Featured Among The Most Beautiful Coffee Shops in The World

1 month ago
Beirut has several beautiful coffee shops, maybe some of the most beautiful worldwide according to this CNN article. In fact, Beirut-based Kalei Coffee Co. was featured in “Designing Coffee: New Coffee Places and Branding”, a ...

Chantal Goya is Coming To Lebanon on March 30 & 31st

1 month ago
Chantal Goya is 81 years old and is still going on world tours. The French actress & singer, who has been organizing shows for kids for over 40 years now, is coming back to Lebanon ...

Jezzine Main Entrance Road Could Collapse Anyday!

1 month ago
The vital road that connects the town of Jezzine South of Lebanon to Saida and surrounding villages is at high risk of collapse. Last Friday, a wall partially collapsed blocking the entrance for a short ...

IAA Lebanon Celebrates Vintage Advertising Jingles With Musicals

1 month ago
The IAA Lebanon Chapter held its first IAA Half of Fame at Casino du Liban on January 27th and “honoured 17 railblazing individuals whose remarkable contributions have left an indelible mark on our advertising landscape”, ...

Téléférique Still Closed for Maintenance

1 month ago
On December 29th 2023, two Teleferique cabins collided leaving 25 people stranded in mid-air for hours. The incident raised concerns on the safety of this decades-old cable car system and prompted its operator to shut ...

‘Raseef’: An Initiative to Transform Bliss Street

1 month ago
The AUB Neighborhood Initiative, in collaboration with PROCOL Lebanon and the Municipality of Beirut, launched the ‘Raseef’ initiative aimed at transforming parking spots on Bliss street to public spaces. The aim is to replace car ...

An Old Lebanese Passport From 1945

1 month ago
A popular passport vintage collector Instagram account shared a rare passport from the 1945-1948 era on his page. The passport was issued at the Lebanese consulate in Cairo to a Lebanese businessman named Jack Bassili. ...