[Updated] Lebanese Athletes at The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Updates: - Manon Ouaiss crashed out of the Women's Giant Slalom, she did finished however her two Slalom runs in a very encouraging 46th spot. - Cesar Arnouk is scheduled to take part in the Men's Giant Slalom tomorrow. - Elie Tawk finished 92nd in the Men's 15km Classic and 87th in the Men's Sprint Free. He still has one event scheduled for tomorrow. The 2022 Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing this year…

After Wooden & Moulin, Dubai-based Manaesho Joins The Man2oushe Trend

A Lebanese street food shop called Manaesho that sells Manakish in Dubai has decided to sell the Zaatar Man2oushe for LL1,000 only during the month of February, as a reply to the Wooden Bakery ad and the reactions that followed. Manaesho went a bit dramatic against those mocking the expats and our Man2oushe , and decided to set the price at LL1,000 to "let the Lira have its say" again. You can enjoy your LL1,000…

Ziad Abi Chaker: Replacing Stolen Metal Manhole Covers with Eco-Friendly Ones

4 months ago
Lebanon’s economic crisis has led to a spike in the theft of manholes covers, and these thefts are still ongoing despite the numerous arrested by the ISF. The absence of manholes is a hazard for ...

The Lamest Ad For 2022

4 months ago
The only person that could possibly pull a lamer ad than this one could only be Dr Food. Not only is this guy obnoxious and arrogant, but he also comes up with very lame ads ...

Anghami is Officially The First Arab Tech Company Listed on NASDAQ

4 months ago
After having completed a merger with Vistas Media Acquisition Co. Inc. last year, Abu Dhabi-headquartered Anghami has officially rang today the opening bell at Nasdaq in New York to celebrate approval for listing. A couple ...

After Wooden Bakery’s “Unbeatable” Offer, Moulin D’or Strikes Back

4 months ago
The price of the cheese Man’oushe at Wooden Bakery has dropped from LL36,000 to LL32,000 which is apparently a valid reason to hit out at expats who left the country and can no longer enjoy ...

BDL Foreign Reserves Dropped By Half a Billion Dollars in January ONLY!

4 months ago
If you’re still wondering how much it cost BDL to drop the lira exchange rate from 34,000 to below 20,000; the answer is $509 million dollars as reported by Megaphone News. This comes as part ...

A New LBCI Documentary On Lebanon’s Lords of War and Money

4 months ago
LBCI is showing soon a documentary prepared by Lebanese Journalist Jad Ghosn on Lebanon’s lords of war and money. The documentary is entitled “التاريخ الذي لم يروَ…” or “The Untold history” and features on its ...

Lebanon Passport Ranks 102nd in 2022 Passport Index

4 months ago
The 2022 Henley Passport Index, the only one of its kind based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), has been updated to reflect the passport rankings for this year. The index ...

“Beirut After 40” Wins 2021 Hollywood Gold Award For Short Documentary

4 months ago
‘Beirut After 40’ by Anthony Merchak has just won the Hollywood Gold Award for Short Documentary. In this documentary, Anthony describes his personal experience, as he was few meters away from the explosion that took ...