Low-cost Irish Airlines Ryanair establishes new Beirut-Cyprus Route starting October

A lot of low-cost airlines have been recently expressing interest in Beirut, to be added to their destinations. The latest of these is Ryanair, the Irish airlines which has been booming during the last few years in Europe, despite much criticism regarding its services. Lebanon will be its 38th country of destination. 3 trips a week are scheduled on board of the Boeing 737 between Paphos and Beirut starting October 30, 2019. The distance to…

No more Filling White/Pink Cards for Foreign Passengers at Beirut Airport

A decree was issued by the General Security recently cancelling the process of filling pink/white cards for foreign passengers at Beirut Rafic Hariri's airport. Passengers had to fill out by hand on a tiny paper details related to their trip including their passport number, place of stay of Lebanon causing congestion amid a last-minute scramble for pens and figuring out what to fill exactly. Several reforms are expected to be implemented to accelerate security procedures…

MEA Will Be The Launch Customer for Airbus A321XLR

1 month ago
Airbus CEO has recently hinted to a mid-2019 launch of its A321neo jet ever longer legs, an extended-range model dubbed the A321XLR. MEA (Middle East Airlines) have thrown a huge weight behind this aircraft in ...

WeGo set to Modernize Public Transportation in #Lebanon, starting in Byblos

1 month ago
A breath of fresh air is reaching Byblos and Lebanon. WeGo, an enterprise founded by Connex, has started working on a regional – and later on hopefully a national – public transport service that is ...

Sunexpress airlines to link Beirut to 3 German cities starting this June

1 month ago
A joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, Sunexpress, a company based between Germany and Turkey, has taken over where broken Germania left off in February, compensating for the loss of direct flights made by ...

Pilot Amanda Harrison’s Challenge Brought to a Stop in #Beirut

1 month ago
Pilot Amanda Harrison was set to fly her 1942 Tiger Moth (DH82a) from the UK to Darwin in Australia, crossing over 9,260 nautical Miles and 23 countries in 30 days. The journey was aimed at ...

Over 4,700 Lebanese are Emigrating from #Lebanon Every Month

1 month ago
A Beirut-based research consultancy firm published statistics for the year 2019 regarding the number of Lebanese leaving the country for good, and over 57,000 Lebanese are expected to leave the country by end of 2019, ...

Telecom Ministry to Launch a New Roaming Service

1 month ago
According to BusinessNews, The Ministry of Telecommunication (MoT) is set to launch a new roaming service with the Switzerland-based company Wonet, that will be priced at $25 per month and will allow Alfa and Touch ...

You Can No Longer Issue a 1-Year Passport

1 month ago
The 2019 budget is almost finalized and Article 19, if passed, will drop the 1-year passport option and replace it with a 3-years passport option. Price-wise, the 1-year passport used to cost LL60,000 so a ...

Works For Beirut Airport Expansion To Be Completed By June

2 months ago
Since 2013, Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport had reached its capacity of 6 million passengers. As of 2018, this number has risen to approximately 9 million. Thus, urgent expansion works are underway in order to ...