215,563 Lebanese Left the Country Since 2017

According to the latest report published by Information International, more than 215,000 individuals have immigrated/traveled from Lebanon between 2017 and 2021, including 79,134 last year alone. The statistics are based on on data provided by the General Security. Lebanon has been witnessing an alarming rise in the rates of emigration since 2019 and I believe the numbers are relatively low and misleading, because the processing time for immigration requests is taking forever and there are…

Lebanon Passport Ranks 102nd in 2022 Passport Index

The 2022 Henley Passport Index, the only one of its kind based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Authority , has been updated to reflect the passport rankings for this year. The index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. Lebanon has ranked 102nd right behind Iran and ahead of Sri Lanka, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and others. Here's how it compares to other countries worldwide and in…

Greece Aegean Airlines Suspends All Flights to Beirut

8 months ago
Greece’s largest carrier Aegean Airlines has announced today that it will be suspending all flights to Beirut after a hole was discovered in the hull of a Greek airliner before taking off from Beirut. Minister ...

Lebanon Dropped from Abu Dhabi’s “Green List”

9 months ago
Abu Dhabi has officially dropped several countries from its “Green List” which now includes 71 countries. Among the countries dropped are the UK, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Russia and Lebanon. All travelers arriving from the green ...

Emirates To Offer Extra Baggage Allowance For Returning Lebanese Travellers

1 year ago
Emirates Airlines will be offering an additional 10kg of baggage on trips from the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Australia back to Beirut and an additional piece of luggage totaling 23kg for Emirates customers ...

MEA Might Start Accepting “Fresh” Dollars Only

1 year ago
MEA Chairman told Reuters yesterday that “if MEA wants to ensure its stability, we will reach a time when we will need to have sales in ‘fresh dollars’, which means that very few people will ...

Low-cost German Airline Eurowings to Launch Direct flights to Beirut from Berlin, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf

1 year ago
Under the label “families and homeland visits”, cheap German airline and Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings has decided to expand its flights and connect 3 new German cities to Beirut. They will be served as follows: 1- ...

France to offer Lebanese students joining its territory this year 500 euros of aid

1 year ago
In a not very surprising – given the French President Macron’s latest promises to help Lebanese students in France – yet very welcome initiative given the current economic crisis that is plaguing the country, Campus ...

You Can Bring in Up to 15K in Cash Through Beirut’s Airport

2 years ago
Following the airport’s reopening on July 1st, rumors spread that any amounts over $2000 were being confiscated from passengers. The Lebanese Customs issued a statement today clarifying that all passengers can carry up to $15,000 ...

Lebanese Cannot Travel to Cyprus As of July 6th

2 years ago
The below is an announcement shared yesterday by the Cyprus Embassy in Lebanon: Dear all, we are very sorry to announce that following today’s decision of the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus regarding ...