New MEA Airbus A321neo vs A320

Lebanese Plane Spotters leaked a photo earlier this week of MEA's first Airbus A321neo with the new livery. Scanning through the comments, most people didn't like the dominant blue color which doesn't really mix with the rest nor relate to MEA or the Lebanese flag. Looking at the Airbus A320 in MEA's current fleet, it did have some blue but it was a shy line that went well with the overall design. The A321neo blue…

MEA To Stop Selling Tickets Temporarily at its Offices

A month ago, MEA took a decision to accept only U.S dollars but then had to reverse it the same day after sparking nationwide outrage. Following that, rumors spread that the ticket prices had increased but it wasn't the case from what I saw. However, I was surprised to read today that MEA has decided to stop selling tickets at its offices for the next three months. So in other words, they're throwing the ball…

Food Blogger Mark Wiens Visits Beirut

6 months ago
Bangkok-based food blogger Mark Wiens, the author of and has recently visited Beirut and vlogged about his experience here. He pretty much covered everything from Mezze, to raw meat, street food, desserts to ...

When in Barcelona, Drop by Beryti

6 months ago
If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona anytime soon, make sure you drop by Bērytī: a newly open Lebanese bistro run by two adventurous Lebanese girls, Cindy and Pamela. Both were disappointed with Lebanese food ...

#Beirut Airport to get Fiber Optics & 5G By September 2019

7 months ago
Telecom Minister Mohammad Chouchair announced today that Beirut Airport will be equipped with fiber optics within 10 days and passengers will be eligible for 1 to 2 hours of free and fast internet (to be ...

Nbr of Passengers at Beirut Airport Reached 23,500 Yesterday: An All-time High

7 months ago
Every year around the same time, passengers leaving Beirut go through hell to get to their gates on time. Last week marked the highest number of passengers leaving RHIA in Lebanon’s history, peaking at 23,500 ...

US Raises Visa Prices for Lebanese, B1 / B2 Visas Not Affected

7 months ago
Below is the statement released by the US Embassy in Lebanon a couple of weeks back: The U.S. Government continuously re-evaluates reciprocity schedules worldwide to ensure that U.S. visa issuance fees are commensurate with fees ...

Low-cost Irish Airlines Ryanair establishes new Beirut-Cyprus Route starting October

8 months ago
A lot of low-cost airlines have been recently expressing interest in Beirut, to be added to their destinations. The latest of these is Ryanair, the Irish airlines which has been booming during the last few ...

No more Filling White/Pink Cards for Foreign Passengers at Beirut Airport

9 months ago
A decree was issued by the General Security recently cancelling the process of filling pink/white cards for foreign passengers at Beirut Rafic Hariri’s airport. Passengers had to fill out by hand on a tiny paper ...

MEA Will Be The Launch Customer for Airbus A321XLR

9 months ago
Airbus CEO has recently hinted to a mid-2019 launch of its A321neo jet ever longer legs, an extended-range model dubbed the A321XLR. MEA (Middle East Airlines) have thrown a huge weight behind this aircraft in ...