France to offer Lebanese students joining its territory this year 500 euros of aid

In a not very surprising - given the French President Macron's latest promises to help Lebanese students in France - yet very welcome initiative given the current economic crisis that is plaguing the country, Campus France has sent pupils joining the French territory for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year an email stipulating the possibility of receiving 500 euros of aid from the French Government if you fill ALL of the following conditions: 1- You are…

You Can Bring in Up to 15K in Cash Through Beirut’s Airport

Following the airport's reopening on July 1st, rumors spread that any amounts over $2000 were being confiscated from passengers. The Lebanese Customs issued a statement today clarifying that all passengers can carry up to $15,000 in cash and that any amount above that limit should be declared. The two WhatsApp voices that spread claimed amounts over $2000 were confiscated and one claimed he was handed back a bank check which doesn't really add up. In…

Lebanese Cannot Travel to Cyprus As of July 6th

2 years ago
The below is an announcement shared yesterday by the Cyprus Embassy in Lebanon: Dear all, we are very sorry to announce that following today’s decision of the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus regarding ...

Beirut Airport Could Open by June 21

3 years ago
Beirut’s Airport was expected to open by June 8 as part of the government’s de-confinement plan but it looks like the decision will be pushed towards the end of June instead. Public Works Minister hinted ...

Beirut-Paris Flights To Resume on June 12

3 years ago
The DailyStar reported on Tuesday that Air France will resume its flights to and from Beirut on June 12. There will be two flights to and from the Lebanese capital every Friday and Sunday. Beirut ...

New MEA Airbus A321neo vs A320

3 years ago
Lebanese Plane Spotters leaked a photo earlier this week of MEA’s first Airbus A321neo with the new livery. Scanning through the comments, most people didn’t like the dominant blue color which doesn’t really mix with ...

MEA To Stop Selling Tickets Temporarily at its Offices

3 years ago
A month ago, MEA took a decision to accept only U.S dollars but then had to reverse it the same day after sparking nationwide outrage. Following that, rumors spread that the ticket prices had increased ...

Food Blogger Mark Wiens Visits Beirut

3 years ago
Bangkok-based food blogger Mark Wiens, the author of and has recently visited Beirut and vlogged about his experience here. He pretty much covered everything from Mezze, to raw meat, street food, desserts to ...

When in Barcelona, Drop by Beryti

3 years ago
If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona anytime soon, make sure you drop by Bērytī: a newly open Lebanese bistro run by two adventurous Lebanese girls, Cindy and Pamela. Both were disappointed with Lebanese food ...

#Beirut Airport to get Fiber Optics & 5G By September 2019

3 years ago
Telecom Minister Mohammad Chouchair announced today that Beirut Airport will be equipped with fiber optics within 10 days and passengers will be eligible for 1 to 2 hours of free and fast internet (to be ...