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Never-ending Wimbledon match

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Ten Freaking hours and the game is not over yet!!!!

It was halted at 59-59 in the fifth set after an astonishing ten hours when bad light halted play.[Eurosport]

The match was between John Isner from the USA and France’s Nicolas Mahut. The previous longest game was only 6 hours and 33 minutes between Santoro and Clement at the French Open in 2004.

Waiter vs. Dietitian at Republic Restaurant

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Republic is a very nice restaurant that opened up a year ago. It is huge and has a really nice decor and is very spacy. It serves all types of food and has Shisha (Who doesn’t in Lebanon).

For all the times i’ve been there, service was very good and waiters were very friendly, but food was average.
My friend, who is a dietitian, went with few friends yesterday and was complaining to me about how a certain waiter there was very rude to her and didn’t get anything right or on time. Not sure if it’s the world cup fever getting to everyone or the waiter was having a bad day.

So what happened?

R: Can i have a steak salad please? make sure the meat is not raw (meat comes on a “seekh”). I’d also like a lemon-mustard sauce and another balsamic sauce.

20 minutes later, the waiter gets the salad without sauces and the meat was raw.

R: Can you please get me my sauces? And the meat is raw! Look.

Waiter: It’s just one piece.

R (being nice): No it’s two pieces, but never mind i’ll throw them away.

Waiter (being rude): “Aslan Hek Atyab”

R(pissed): Bi nazarak. Anyways please i want my sauces.

8 minutes later, he gets a tartar sauce.

R: This is not what i ordered.

Few minutes later, he gets a lemon sauce (without mustard) and a balsamic sauce. My friend just let go.

Last but not least, She orders the bill 25 minutes before the game finishes so that there’s no delay.

20 minutes after the game ends, the waiter brings the bill.

R: What took it so long? We ordered it ages ago.

Waiter: The game just finished and everyone ordered it at the same time.

R: I specifically ordered it before the game so that it comes on time.

Waiter(who didn’t apologize one time still): So did everyone else!

I honestly would not have accepted to pay the bill and asked the manager to fire his ass.

My First Digital SLR Camera

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I’ve been wanting to buy an SLR camera for some time, and i am finally getting my first “professional” camera, the Nikon 10.2-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera.

I first checked it out on Bestbuy and Amazon and the prices were pretty close (450$ for Amazon and 500$ for bestbuy).

I checked out few stores in Lebanon, and the price was double if not more. I even called a friend who works at Khoury Home and he told me SLRs are double the price here.

Luckily i have a friend flying to the states and coming back in a week time, so i will have it delivered to me on July 3rd.

I am kind of excited about this, so let’s hope my friend is here on time.

Old House in Keserwan

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This is one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in Keserwan. It is situated in Zouk Mikhail near the Presidence for those familiar with the region.

I am not sure if it’s being renovated or not, but they took out all the trees and most of the garden and road leading to the house. I hope they are not planning to start another building there.

Update: Turns out they are just renovating it as per Joe’s Box.

Letter to H.E. Minister Ziad baroud

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Dear Mr.Baroud,
I strongly believe you are one of the very few competent and uncorruptable ministers Lebanon has had over the past 20 years. I admire your achievements specially throughout organizing the elections and force myself and others to abide by the law everywhere they go.

A week ago, the ministry of interior announced that traffic signs will be increased by 300%. This is great news indeed, however the approach to implementing such road regulations has never been fruitful nor satisfying either for the ministry or for the drivers.

Why is that so?
The picture shown above depicts a car belonging to the ISF driving on the maritime road to Beirut early in the morning. If i was a police officer operating on that road, i would have issued not less than 10 violations for the driver among which:
– Running a red light.
– Taking the right-of-way when it belonged to another driver.
– Changing lanes without using the turn indicator.
– Driving recklessly and dangerously.
– Not wearing the seatbelt.
– Excessive Speeding.

Having said all that, i strongly suggest that you start raising awareness among police officers on driving carefully and setting examples for Lebanese drivers to follow. Also, i wish that the laws apply to them first and that they be punished for such irresponsible behavior before sending them out to collect money from people for going 50 kph on a 30 kph road.

Thank you and best regards.