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Brazilian team sucks

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The Brazilian team barely was able to get past North Korea yesterday and only won 2-1.

Even though having a good defence and great goalkeeper, the Brazilian team was very different from what we were used to. Of course i am not that dissapointed if Brazil is weak. On the contrary, i would be very happy to see them exit from the first round!

Anyway, i got an email today that further proved how bad the Brazilians were yesterday against the 105th ranked North Korean team.

Apparently, Lebanon, ranked 160th as of 2010, had won against North Korea a year ago 1-0!!! [LB football results]

Can't hear on My Iphone

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Something went wrong with my Iphone yesterday and i couldn’t hear anyone calling me unless my speaker phone was turned on.

I restarted many times and tried everything and it wouldn’t work. On my way back home, i passed by ABC Achrafieh and asked few cellphone stores if they know what could be the problem.
– One guy told me the speaker is messed up and it needs to be repaired.
– Another told me something is wrong with the board.

I honestly wasn’t convinced because if the speaker is messed up, i shouldn’t be able to hear at all. Similarly, if there’s something wrong with the board, then it is better if i throw away my phone or replace it.

I didn’t leave my phone and decided to search the net looking for similar problems. Turns out it is a simple glitch that occurs when you unplug your earphones when listening to a song.

You resolve it by plugging the earphones, stopping whatever song is playing and then unplugging it back.

I am pretty sure the two shop owners knew it was that simple and were probably going to charge me 40$ if not more for it.

36 gorgeous Dutch girls thrown out

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While armchair viewers admired the 36 gorgeous Dutch girls supporting their team against Denmark, the World Cup organisers were rather more suspicious.
And when the half-time whistle blew they moved in and gave all 36 the red card after it was revealed they were part of an elaborate piece of ‘ambush marketing’ by the Dutch beer company Bavaria who are not official sponsors at the tournament. [Source]

One thing is for sure. The company behind this ambush marketing campaign got more publicity from this than it ever imagined.

We sure are gonna miss them!

Justice for Liliane Atallah

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On the 9th of June 2010, Liliane Atallah left her residence in Mastita, Jbeil early in the morning and headed to her work in Jounieh.
She had reached Nahr Ibrahim road when an Infiniti car going at 90 mph hit her in the back before another car who was racing with the Infiniti kicks her all the way to the other side of the road. [Original Article from LOrient LeJour]

The 45 year old woman died instantly.

The two drivers were arrested and put in jail, however they were released the next day somehow!! Today, a group of journalists (since Liliane was a journalist) gathered to protest against this nonsense and for implementing the law and giving justice to Liliane.

تجمع عدد من الاعلاميين امام النيابة العامة في بعبدا، احتجاجاً على اطلاق الشابين الذين كانا يتسابقان على أوتوستراد نهر ابراهيم وتسببا بمقتل ليليان عطاالله الاربعاء الماضي، مطالبين بالتشدد في تطبيق قانون السير.
[Lebanon Files]

I don’t envy Ziad Baroud for the tons of issues he has at hand and I admire the guy for his achievements, but speeding and driving in general in my opinion are not being given the needed attention as they are crucial issues that should be resolved in a swift and efficient manner.

FYI, car accidents are the number 1 cause of death in Lebanon. [Kunhadi]

I don’t see the problem with the e-transactions law

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A lot of people have been complaining about the new Internet laws which Lebanon is planning to introduce. These are some points that are highlighted by Naharnet as important but I don’t think they’re a bad thing at all:

– Article 92 demands that anyone providing online services must apply for a license

– Article 82 allows for the search and seizure of financial, managerial, and electronic files, including hard drives and computers

– Article 70 paves the way for the establishment of the Electronic Signature & Services Authority, a new regulatory and licensing body with wide powers over the ICT sector

So basically if you do something wrong the government can seize your computers which is how it is everywhere in the world including the US. Then, if you want to start an online business you need to get a license, I see that as a positive thing since from my experience with local businesses they can be very dodgy sometimes. Finally establishing of the ESSA, does anyone even know what that is?

Am I missing something here? Is that it?

Personally I don’t think there is a problem. I might be very wrong here since I am just basing all this from a Naharnet article and the YouTube video above. The Naharnet article says this law could curb online freedom but unless the law says all bloggers must register with the government, torrents should be illegal, should be blocked and political sites must be shutdown, I don’t see what Internet freedom we will be losing…

Vuvuzelas will not be banned

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What’s plastic, a metre long, brightly coloured and sounds like an elephant? It’s the vuvuzela, the noise-making trumpet of South African football fans, and it’s come to symbolise the sport in the country. [Link]

Despite the many calls mostly from players to ban this freaking annoying machine, organizers are instead defending it.

Van Persie, a dutch player, didn’t hear the referee calling an offside today cause of the horns.

“Look at them (vuvuzelas) as part of our culture in South Africa to celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As our guests please embrace our culture, please embrace the way we celebrate,” said Mkhondo. [Eurosport]

That quote is so touching i almost dropped a tear. Embracing sport by making the most annoying noise ever and damaging players’ and viewers’ hearing. Very Original!

I suggest the country hosting the next world cup to embrace chainsaws as their sport symbol and distribute them to everyone in the stadium, or even better grant the refereers vuvuzela-like whistles so that they keep the 2010 South Africa World Cup memories alive.

Morale of the story: World cups should only be organized in Europe.

ZWZ Kaslik revamped

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As i mentioned earlier, i was having breakfast at Zaater wou Zeit Kaslik on Saturday and noticed it was completely revamped.

I also mentioned the friend i was waiting for was a major reason behind this renovation long time needed. Why is that so?
Because he is usually picky about his food and to ZWZ’s bad luck, he got on three occasions within a month something in his plate, things that i would rather not mention but are utterly disgusting. He caused a big scene the last time in the store and next thing you know, the Customer Support calls to apologize and the ZWZ Kaslik branch closes for renovation in the next few days.

Since then, i haven’t been to ZWZ Kaslik until that saturday and i must say they completely changed the place and have a much friendlier yet less cosier restaurant. The food did not change much, but i assume they worked on their kitchen hygiene.

Considering it was one of my favourite breakfast places, i don’t think i will go there frequently in the future as they don’t have couches anymore. I’d rather go to the one in Jeita.

On a final note, i mostly order the Labneh plate in the morning, and it comes with hot bread and a vegetables plate, having cucumber, tomatoes and olives in it. I don’t know who prepares that vegetables plate but they are very stingy on the cucumbers and tomatoes and barely put a full cucumber or tomato in the plate.

PS: If you look at the picture above, you can see there are 6 tiny pieces of cucumber.