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Vuvuzela: Why would someone come up with such a thing?

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While i was watching the opening World Cup game, i could not help but notice an annoying buzzing sound in the background. I thought the TV signal was weak or something, but it turns out the sound was coming from the crowd. I googled a bit and found out the South Africans have some device called the Vuvuzela that emits a sound louder than a chainsaw and could damage your hearing.

Now can someone please tell me why would they come up with such a thing? and why doesn’t the FIFA association ban this utterly annoying device?

Rolling Maki & Making Sushi

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I always thought rolling sushi was difficult and wondered how they managed to do them that quickly. Well it turned out it’s not that hard. I was invited to a sushi dinner on Friday night where the hosts were doing their own sushi.

I went into the kitchen to have a hint on how it’s done and what are the things one needs to get. The main components are basically salmon, crab, rice, avocado, Japanese mayo, sesame, cucumber and seaweed rolls. Of course there’s the soy sauce and ginger needed later on.

The hardest part in this process is to roll them, but you have those wooden rolls to help you, so it just needs practice. My friends rolled over 200 makis and sushis that night in an hour or so. One of them also rolled some cones which are supposedly pretty hard to make.

As for me, i was drinking white wine (Chardonnay 2008) and tasting here and there and watching the world cup game of course. Anyway, they turned out to be really good and better tasting than in some sushi places I’ve been to.

Live from ZWZ kaslik

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I just went into Zaatar wou Zeit kaslik and sat down. I must admit I love what they have done to the place. It’s all clean and new and much better than before but it’s no longer cozy and no more huge wooden sort of couches with all sorts of engravings on them. Internet is still for free which is pretty cool, but it’s also very slow. It took me forever to open the blog and post, and it’s taking my friend forever to get his ass here so I can order!

This friend is one major reason why Zwz closed down for renovation, I’ll post about this later or at least after we eat as the major problem this branch had, aside from bad customer service which is almost nonexistent in Lebanon, was hygiene.

Road works

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I pass by Beyt el Kataeb everyday on my way to work and lately the traffic has become unbearable because of a broken grate right at the end of the road. It’s a huge bottleneck that is backing up traffic until the MTC Touch building.
I noticed the broken grate on Monday because they had put plastic separators over it to avoid any accidents. This was causing even more traffic because 3 lanes were merging into 2. Someone must’ve crashed into one of the separators sometime between Monday and Thursday because they were in one piece when I first saw them.

It stayed like that until Thursday when the municipality finally decided to do something about it. They started work early in the morning, during rush hour traffic reducing the number of lanes to 1. I wasn’t too happy that they were working in the morning but I guess I was fine with it thinking that they will finally fix it and traffic would become normal again… I was wrong…

I passed by the grate this morning and apparently they had finished working there, but as you can see in the picture, they did a pretty mediocre job… and the plastic separator is still lying in the middle of the road.

To sum it up:
Hole in the road=traffic, fixing the road=traffic, fixed road=traffic…

We have very incompetent people running the municipalities, that’s for sure.

All you need is a spark…

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I’ve never really paid attention to the electrical wires hanging in Gemmayze, but today it was really hard not to notice them.
A truck holding natural gas was blocking the traffic close to the police station because the electrical wires were too low.

Turns out a bunch of electricians / workers were doing some “redecorating”. A daraki ran out of the station and told them to clear the wires so that traffic could move. They tried to tie them up as high as they could but the truck still couldn’t manage to pass, so these geniuses just untied the wires from the other side of the street and cars started driving over them…

After that they managed to raise the wires and tie them to a “No Parking” post!

Good thing nothing bad happened.

Wacky World Cup bets

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I can’t believe those bets are for real!


1- Who or what Maradona will insult first, a match official is 11/8, followed by South Africa at 2/1, the media at 3/1 and FIFA or its president Sepp Blatter at 8/1. He is only 9/1 to get sent off.

2- Chile are 16/1 favourites to be the first team to fail a drugs test, followed by Mexico, South Africa and Argentina at 18/1, then Ivory Coast and Paraguay at 20/1.

3- France striker Thierry Henry, whose handball helped Les Bleus beat Ireland and qualify for the tournament, is 100/1 to score with his hand.

4- The first England player to be sent off is tipped to be John Terry at 15/2, then Rooney at 10/1, with Gareth Barry 18/1.

5- Rooney is 150/1 to stamp on someone’s genitals — surely a red card offence.

6- But also at 150/1 is for Steven Gerrard to forget he is not playing for Liverpool and accidentally set up club colleague Torres for a winning goal should England play Spain.

Even more bizarrely, fans can bet on the number of shark attacks during the tournament, with none deemed most likely at 10/11, one at 4/5 and two at 12/1.