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And the plot thickens …

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Yesterday, i posted about a bunch of girls handing out penis-shaped lollipops in Kaslik. My cousin calls me later that night and tells me his friend spotted them near Crepaway Kaslik three days ago selling bananas.

Also, they were more than just two and some were wearing beauty pageant sashes (a detail my brother forgot to mention).

I think i should pay Kaslik a visit more often these days.

Update: Turns out the girls behind the penis-shaped lollipop have their own blog and sell the lollipop openly and proudly. They handed the first lollipop to the new “fugly” Miss Lebanon 2010.
Thank you Darine!

I hate driving in Lebanon

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I thought that now that school is out we’d have less traffic but it turned out to be exactly the opposite! People drive like crazy, everyone thinks they own the road, policemen do not respect the laws they are supposed to uphold… It’s crazy!! I am seriously dreading driving anywhere… There’s traffic all the time!!

It took me 30 minutes from City Mall to the Marina on the seaside road… I thought I’d play it smart and take a shortcut under the bridge in Antelias and next to the line of new restaurants because it’s usually smooth around 6 or 7 pm but I was really mistaken.

A couple of things I witnessed:

Cop going the wrong way.

This guy on a motocross jumps in front of my car from under the bridge! He doesn’t even use the road… No license plate, no helmet, no shirt…

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Baddak sucette?

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So my younger brother calls me yesterday and tells me he has a good story for the blog. He has been telling me that numerous times but that’s the first time he really has an interesting story.

He was driving in Kaslik along with my cousin shopping for some new shorts. As they were leaving Timberland, they hear two girls dressed in sexy clothes call them and ask them if they want a Lollipop.

They were like what the heck and took the lollipops and drove away. Few minutes later, they look at the lollipops and realized they are shaped like a male genital organ. Yup! penis-shaped lollipops being handed out by sexy girls in Kaslik.

There’s no label on the lollipop or name or anything. It just says “lollipop”. Bruno would have been delighted to have it that’s for sure!!

Thanks Choogz!

Racism in Lebanon

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Found this video on the blog Ethiopian Suicides with the following description:

IndyACT’s Anti Racism Movement organized a direct action this weekend to highlight racism in Lebanese society towards migrant domestic workers and people of color in general.

Below is the video of Anti Racism Movement activists trying to get a migrant domestic worker into the swimming pool. The activists are allowed in, but not the “maid”.

Visit the Anti Racism Movement Facebook page by clicking [Here]

Downhill mountain biking

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Are there any groups or tours that do downhill mountain biking in Lebanon? I would imagine there would be since there are a lot of great mountain bike trails but can’t seem to find any info about them on Google.

Update: Thanks to Joe I found the following [Link]

Update2: Found a great post about these guys who rode practically across the Lebanese mountain on their bikes. Very hardcore but thats expected since one of the guys was Lebanese adventurer Maxime Chaya. [Part 1] [Part 2]

Young Imam

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I heard about this reality show called Young Imam this morning on BBC and thought it was extremely creative. Young Imam is a popular reality TV show in Malaysia where the winner of the show wins a car, some cash, a full scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia, gets to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and also gets to be an Imam of a mosque. It’s such a smart idea and it seems to be working really well in attracting younger people back into religion. I found a good article about the show on the Wall Street Journal which is where I got the video above from. You can check out the article by clicking [Here]

Now I was thinking… Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a Lebanese version of this show called Young Nuns? LBC are you listening? EVERYONE would watch it!

Yalla 3ol 3ol

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Anyone familiar with Bcharreh and its surrounding knows that place for sure. I’ve heard about it from many friends and thought it was a joke at first but on my first trip to the Cedars i did see it and it was a tiny place. On my last trip which was few weeks ago, not only was the place still there but it expanded now and became much bigger.

The place basically serves mashewe and is not that bad, but definitely not worth a drive from Beirut (You need 2 hours at least). It has grown popular mostly due to its name rather than its food. It is situated at the entry of Baz3oun village in the Bcharreh district, on your way to the Cedars forest.

Why did i think it was a joke? Because Yalla 3ol 3ol means “Yalla 3al 3al” (All good all good) but in a northern accent and it didn’t seem like a restaurant’s name to me.