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Casino du Liban got robbed!

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Over 250,000$ worth of casino coins were reported stolen from the Roulette box by an unknown individual.

A Bangladeshi worker is the prime suspect as he dissapeared since the day of the theft. He supposedly put the money in a garbage bag and took them away. Ironically, the only way he can get any money out of it is to exchange the coins for money.

[Full Story]

Posted By : (roughly translates to “we were”) is the Arabic version of sites such as Fuck My Life or Vie de Merde.
It’s a website that allows the user to share an awkward or annoying moment in their lives and end it with the word “nba3asna”.


It’s harmless entertainment and as usual, you have people who disagree with the content of the site, one of them even calls it an israeli project, while the other one writes 4 lines to tell readers that writing on this website is a waste of time! lol!

Lebanon to unfold world’s largest flag on October 10

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A giant Lebanese flag, said to be the largest in the world, will be unfurled in Beirut next month, Lebanon’s ambassador to Kuwait has said.

“The 65,650 square metre flag is a testament to the unity of Lebanon,” Ambassador Bassam Al Naamani said. “The initial plan was to have a 25,000 square metre flag, but when we heard that another country was planning to produce a 60,000 square metre flag, we decided to upgrade ours to 65,650 square metres,” he said. [Source]

The flag was produced by a school in Kuwait and sponsored by the Lebanese embassy in Kuwait.

To give you an idea on how tall this flag is, it is exactly as tall as the Tour Eiffel in France.

More wise words from Fadi Abboud

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Looks like our minister of tourism is on a roll. First he wants to boycott parsley and tomatoes to bring down the cost of Tabbouleh and upon his return on Sunday claimed armed men invading the airport and its salons are no threat to our tourism. Even more, he claimed he did not see any armed presence at the airport on that day.

So now he is stupid and blind?

Here’s the video as shown on FTV yesterday in case our dear minister missed it. Now i don’t care whose side is right or wrong, but the airport is one of the few good things we have left in this country. Let us try not to ruin it.

Night Out at Faraya

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[View from Le Montagnou Restaurant]

This is a post i wrote on the 19th of September after i had come back from Faraya around 2 am. I did not see it the next day, turns out i had slept before publishing it and the alcohol did not help me remember much.

I was invited to a BBQ night in Faraya at some friend’s place tonight and i had a blast to say the least!
Funny how one plans parties or dinners or birthdays weeks ahead and never gets the satisfaction of a random outing like the one i had today.

Old house, large garden, BBQ, a bit cold weather, great company, Grey Goose Vodka and all is good.

Artists not hookers

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I was with friends the other day having lunch and discussing random topics until we opened up the topic of super nights clubs in Lebanon and prostitutes.

One friend who knows a lot about the law explained to us that prostitutes are called “artists” in Lebanon. In fact, according to the Lebanese law, there are 5 descriptions for foreign workers in such activities:
– Fennene (Artist)
– Moudallika (Masseuse)
– Mounadila (almost like a waitress)
– (Forgot that one)
– Circus athlete or Ice Skating dancer or other similar activites.

The artists is allowed to sit with customers and go out with them or dance on the bar. Waitresses are not allowed to do so.

Like seriously, who has the time to come up with such definitions? And why complicate such simple issues?

Weird Findings

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I found those oil lamps in front of my parking spot at home. I have no clue where they came from but they did not seem like thrown away. They were neat and shiny. I tried rubbing one of them but no genie came out!

Gemmayze in daylight

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Driving in Gemmayze at night is quite safe considering there’s traffic all the time. As far as driving in day light is concerned, it feels more like playing some video game where you have to pass the whole street and skip obstacles left and right.

I had to stop in the picture above as a truck decided all of a sudden that it needed to park at a specific spot. While it was still backing up, an idiot riding a bicycle decides it’s safe to pass in front of it and almost hit his face with the truck’s mirror. Another idiot on a motorcycle came from my right at full speed and almost hit the bicycle guy and the truck’s mirror.

And then they wonder why accidents are increasing.

No one is going to stop the accidents from increasing in Lebanon, not until the Lebanese understand they don’t own every road they drive on.

PS: I should have opened my window and yelled at them: Chi Marra cheyfeen rass 2istina3e? 7atto el casque! (Refering to kunhadi’s ad)