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Live from Virgin Megastores

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Chahe posted four days about Fayrouz holding a concert in Biel on October 7 and 8. He went today to buy tickets and just sent me this picture of the waiting line. The image is not very clear but the line is all the way down the stairs until the elevators and from both sides.

Too bad you cannot buy online this time. I am assuming they disabled this option because the system would crash if there’s Fayrouz involved.

60 years that she’s been singing and people still worship her. Wish i could understand why would anyone sue a legend like Fayrouz.

Update: here’s another picture showing the end of the line.

The IT Crowd

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Being in the IT field, i sometimes have to deal with requests that just make you wanna kill yourself and can pretty much relate to the IT crowd show. I had a call from a colleague, also a good friend, asking me if he can retrieve a file he had deleted and is not showing in the recycle bin anymore.

I told him that any file he puts on the desktop cannot be retrieved easily cause it’s not his files but shared files, that’s why he should group his files and put them under the folder “My Documents” as it is his personal space.

He presumably understood what i told him and few minutes later, called me telling me that he did as i advised him to.

I passed to check what he did an hour later out of curiosity, turns out he created a folder ON THE DESKTOP and put all the files in it !!!

I smacked him and moved the files into “My Documents”.

No more Facebook gifts?

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It seems Facebook decided to close down its gifts shop on August 1st until further notice. I am outdated i know but i never received any notifications whatsoever on this. I kind of liked their gifts option and their justification for closing it is illogical. They are like “It was working so well and we made millions out of it and everyone loved it, so we decided it is better to close it down”.

It is not really a big deal but it kind of sucks that you are not notified in advance.

Beirut: The Last Home Movie

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While having dinner at Basma restaurant, they were showing an old Lebanese movie that i haven’t seen anywhere before.

I asked the waiter about it as i haven’t seen it before and he told me its name and that i can find it at Virgin Megastores.

The movie goes back to 1987 and is called “Beirut: The Last Home Movie” and was directed by Jennifer Fox.

I am not sure what this movie/documentary is about but i read some reviews and all agree that it is very boring and long. I am going to look for it this weekend and see if it is decent or not.

I can touch Mc Hammer

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Yesterday on my way back home, MIX FM were having a competition asking listeners to SMS a funny phrase or joke. The winner would get a new Nokia E5.

Most of the phrases sent were clichés and many jokes could not be read live (dirty or racist ones), and the guy who finally won came out with “I can touch Mc Hammer”. I thought it was pretty funny, at least much funnier than most of the others i heard.

My friend who was with me sent him a quote from the Love Guru:
“If you uncle Jack helps you off an elephant. Would you help your uncle jack off an elephant”

But he did not read it.

Breyers YoCrunch

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I found those yogurts at O&C Supermarket while i was buying yogurt. They are relatively more expensive (3.5$ each) than Elle & Vire (Each 3 for 4$) and way more expensive than the local yogurts but have M&Ms, Oreos or corn flakes with them. I got the Oreo one and it was very good but again it’s too much to pay for a yogurt.

Basma Restaurant

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I was invited to an iftar last week in a Lebanese restaurant called Basma, opened next to La Cigale in Charles Malek Avenue in Achrafieh. The Iftar was a bloggers’ meeting organized by Leo Burnett (Thanks Michael for the invitation) and i had the chance to meet up briefly with some Lebanese bloggers. I was in a rush so i barely stayed for 20 minutes and did not taste the food even though it looked delicious.

I went back yesterday again to Basma to have a taste of what i missed. I was with a friend and we ordered their special fattoush that comes with goat cheese and sesame bread, hommos, grilled cheese rolls, wings and a mixed grill. The food was OK but nothing special to be honest, but then we decided to order dessert and even though i was hesitant at first, i ended up ordering one of their specialities, Riz bi Haleeb with burned sugar and what a great delight my dessert turned out to be!

The desserts were succulent and worth every penny. The chocolate fondant my friend ordered was amazing and had some cinnamon on it, mine had burned sugar on top of the Riz bi Haleeb and some dried fruits. They also had Ismalieh with ice cream instead of Achta.

In all, i would definitly come back for lunch or dinner, specially when i am in the mood for a good dessert.