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NowLebanon Blogs

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I always follow NowLebanon blogs and find them very diverse and interesting, but i am very annoyed by their moderation team or whomever clears the comments done.

I received a confirmation today for a comment i did two days ago! I would understand that delay if it were a personal blog, but nowlebanon supposebly pays people to write on its site, so it should quicker than that.

I wish they would do something about it.

Maya Zankoul offers a slice of Lebanese life

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Maya Zankoul thought she was “on a planet of her own” when she set up her blog, Amalgam. Two years later, the young Lebanese graphic designer and illustrator has published the second edition of her book, Amalgam, a collection of her illustrations. [Source]

Here’s an article published by Gulf News on MayaZankoul’s blog. Keep up the good work Maya!

2008 tuned car ETV exotic better than lamborghini or ferrari

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I spotted this new car for sale on elmazad today and i couldn’t stop laughing!

Is this guy for real or what? This is apparently a Chevrolet 2008 that was tuned with a budget of approximately a million dollars.

The car is offered for 150,000$ only and the buyer only wishes to be contacted by “serious buyers only”. So basically someone spent 1 million dollars on this car and it’s being sold for only 150,000$?

Plus, he is saying the car is better than a Ferrari or Lamborghini ?? It has only a 200 horse power.

Chou Sar? banned in Lebanon

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“Chou Sar?” is a movie directed by De Gaulle Eid depicting the massacre of his family that he witnessed during the civil war in his hometown in Edbel, North of Lebanon back in 1980.

The movie was banned by the ISF for inciting sectarianism.

I guess we can add that movie to the list of movies and shows banned in Lebanon. I think it is the first Lebanese movie to be banned.

Champions League at Taxi Diner

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I would have loved to go watch the Champions league there, only if the service wasn’t that bad and the food not worth it, if you ever get it.

Also, the SMS is misleading as Manchester are not playing Barcelona on the 14th but both Manchester and Barcelona have games on that day. Same for Chelsea and Real. Last but not least, considering the large number of German fans in Lebanon, broadcasting the Bayern Munich game vs. Roma would have attracted more viewers than Chelsea playing a team most people never heard of.

The Biggest lighted cross in Bekish – Lebanon

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Lebanon’s Maronite Christian Church inaugurated a towering, lighted cross Monday as a sign of unity among the world’s people.

The cross soars more than 73.8 meters (242.13 feet) into the air and is lit up with 1,800 spotlights in the mountain village of Qanat Bekish, according to Father Farid Doumit, a Maronite priest in the village.

Building the cross took about two years and cost some $1.5 million, which mainly came from donations from the Maronite Church and a French Catholic group. The cross stands near a church that dates to 1898. [Source]

This is a site definitly worth seeing. I am gonna try go there this weekend.