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Little Phoenician

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I like the idea but i wish they had worked a bit more on his smile as he is looking as if he’s telling people “Hahaha Gotcha!”. Now if we go back in time and take a look at the phoenicians, they were known to be traders and sometimes unethical ones, but do we really want to send out this message to tourists?

DREAM 2010 Exhibition

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The Development & Real Estate Annual Meeting (DREAM) 2010 is being organized by promofair at BIEL Beirut from Wednesday 20th till Saturday 23rd and is considered Lebanon’s most important property event of the year.

I visisted it two days ago and unless you wish to buy an appartment for 500,000$ and more, then don’t bother go there. The prices are ridiculous and the exhibition is more targeted towards millionaires and billionaires.

Beirut Terraces, Plus Properties, Sama Beirut and other fancy and luxurious projects are overwhelming the place, with few reasonable projects dispersed here and there.

There’s of course a stand for every bank in Lebanon, giving out impossible to reach loans at the highest of interests.

Valet Theft Auto at Batroun Village

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I hate leaving my car to the Valet Parking but sometimes you just have no other choice, but after hearing from what they did to my friend’s car, i would rather not park and leave than give it to a Valet Parking (except for Roadster since i know the guy).

So what’s the story?
A friend of mine had a wedding yesterday at the Batroun Village in Batroun. He gave his car to the valet and few hours later, he was done with the party and ready to leave. He ordered his car and as soon as it got here, the car was completly messed up from the inside, the car phone damaged and its stand broken as if someone was trying to steal it.

He got pissed and asked the Valet guy what happened to his car, and was told nobody touched it. He even talked to the person in charge and he denied any responsibility. The funny part is that Batroun village is situated in a relatively isolated area, so there is no way someone could have gotten in without the valets noticing.

I told my friend to call and complain but he said it’s pointless. I would have called and made their life a living hell until i got compensated to be honest.

This whole valet business is getting seriously out of control and someone should put an end to those car-wrecking car-stealing pricks.

Michel Dines in Hell

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A friend of a friend of mine who is in Lebanon came up with a cool idea for Halloween, he wanted to dress up as spartan since he’s a huge fan of the movie 300. He had 65 days till Halloween and he was overweight and unfit. So he decided he would go on a strict diet, exercise his ass off and document his journey on a blog. There is now 11 days left till Halloween and as you can see from the picture above he has practically achieved his goal. I think that is just amazing. When you see the before and after pictures in magazines you don’t think much of it but this guy is real and managed to achieve all that in just 50 days. Check out his blog [Here]

He is now planning a charity event where he will parade in Beirut with other Spartans. Once I get more information on that will post about it.

Baklawa wou Bzourat

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I received an email from my brother who has been in the states for 6 months now that he misses Baklawa and Bzourat and wants some. He asked me if he should order some online or wait for someone travelling to the states to get him some.

I honestly have never ordered Baklawa online, so i don’t know much about it and i personally dislike it. I know that Al Hallab delivers Baklawa and i also found another site called but it is not located in Lebanon. As for the bzourat, Al Rifai delivers and has special sets for travel.

If anyone has ever ordered Lebanese sweets online, i would be glad to get some hints on the matter.

Marina Dbayeh

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Those of us who drive in to Beirut from Antelias and further north on weekday mornings are familiar of the chaos of the marina roads. On my work the other day, I noticed that there isn’t a single traffic sign showing who has the right of way, no traffic signals, no lane separation but I’ll talk about the dangers of the marina roads in another post.

This post is about the chaos that exists at the end of the marina road, right before getting on the seaside road.
So that our readers get some perspective, the blue rectangles are cars, the orange ones are traffic separators, the green ones are army trucks that bring in soldiers to jog in the marina on weekdays and the black dot is a traffic policeman.

You basically have 5 or 6 lanes (depending on how tightly it’s packed) converging from the north, that have to be squeezed down to 3 lanes because of the orange separators (sometimes the cop puts his bike there too) and 2 lanes that come in from the east side. And all this traffic is finally converged into a two lane road that leads to the seaside. I swear, there are so many bottlenecks in this system it’s insane…

I personally stopped using this road since school started this year because it takes me as much time to go to work by taking the normal highway.