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Marina Dbayeh

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Those of us who drive in to Beirut from Antelias and further north on weekday mornings are familiar of the chaos of the marina roads. On my work the other day, I noticed that there isn’t a single traffic sign showing who has the right of way, no traffic signals, no lane separation but I’ll talk about the dangers of the marina roads in another post.

This post is about the chaos that exists at the end of the marina road, right before getting on the seaside road.
So that our readers get some perspective, the blue rectangles are cars, the orange ones are traffic separators, the green ones are army trucks that bring in soldiers to jog in the marina on weekdays and the black dot is a traffic policeman.

You basically have 5 or 6 lanes (depending on how tightly it’s packed) converging from the north, that have to be squeezed down to 3 lanes because of the orange separators (sometimes the cop puts his bike there too) and 2 lanes that come in from the east side. And all this traffic is finally converged into a two lane road that leads to the seaside. I swear, there are so many bottlenecks in this system it’s insane…

I personally stopped using this road since school started this year because it takes me as much time to go to work by taking the normal highway.

Smoking kills 5000 Lebanese yearly

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According to Elie Lahoud, head of “Youth against drugs” association, 5000 people die in Lebanon yearly because of smoking.

Percentages of people who smoke in Lebanon are very high, yet the solution is very simple and consists of increasing the very cheap price of cigarettes and secondly of banning it in public places.

Talking to Lady Yvonne Cochrane of Sursock

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Lady Yvonne Sursock Cochrane presided the APSAD, Association for the Protection of the Natural Sites and Ancient Buildings, for 40 years and is still fighting to preserve Lebanon’s heritage, although pessimistic about prospects.

The Sursock palace is one of the most beautiful houses in Beirut, yet is nowadays being surrounded by skycrappers.

Well there are good ministers, but nobody listens to them! [Former Culture Minister] Tamam Salam made a series of good proposals; none of them passed. [Current Culture Minster Salim] Warde said to me, “There is not one of my proposals being accepted. There’s nothing I can do. I’m just sitting there.”

The only hope — I mean it’s a joke — but it’s to do what happened in Dresden, which was completely razed during the World War II. They took the paintings of this Italian painter who had represented Dresden and reproduced the city based on his work.

[Full Interview]

The ladies are angry!

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Women’s Nationality Campaign- Lebanon from Stephanie Issa on Vimeo.


A string of national demonstrations, including a protest outside Parliament, are now expected, alongside a petition calling for equal treatment of women, the National Gathering for Removing Discrimination against Women said.

Although the group, representing some 60 Lebanese NGOs, has yet to make final arrangements, it has also made plans to meet with President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Saad Hariri, as well as host of other leading politicians. [DailyStar]

Although i am a strong supporter of equality in rights between men and women, i believe this whole nationality issue should be discussed more seriously as to its consequences and be restricted to non-Palestinians for demographic reasons.

I did it this week, when are you planning yours?

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The Ministry of health has launched the national breast-cancer-awareness campaign and offered special discounts on breast X-rays and mammography across Lebanon. The aim of this campaign is to increase awareness for early detection of breast cancer.

What has shocked me the most is the ignorance of some of the Lebanese women towards that matter; they think if they totally ignore it, they might never get it.

“Ana ma khasne fi, akeed ma byotla3le ma ba3edne vierge”

“Yi chou badde bi hal chaghle, ma badde 2a3mil test barke tolo3le chi”

(Some of the responses i got when discussing the issue with some Lebanese women)

Ladies no one is immune from that disease, even if no one has it in the family already; no one is spared! Women from 35 years and older need at least once a year to do mammography exams that is essential to detect breast cancer early while treatment is still possible.

Discounts on mammography exams are being offered across Lebanon from October 1st till December 31st 2010 at the following discounts:
- Mammography at LBP 40,000
- Mammography + breast Ultrasound at LBP 80,000
Make sure you call and set an appointment and most importantly bring your previous test results if available.
Hotline: 03 87 11 78

PS: I’m sorry for starting my first blog post with a morbid subject!

Pimped SUVs in Dbayyeh

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This is another car show on the Dbayyeh highway with the weirdest looking cars. He has 3 or 4 pimped SUVs, 3 of which are showing in the picture. There’s also a collection of old American “pimpable” cars like the ones you can see below.

The car show even has its own website and is apparently based in North America, and according to the website H. Gregory is the leader in used cars sale there. Not sure though who would buy pimped rides in Lebanon.

Handicap Friendly Ramp?

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I spotted this assumingly handicap accessible ramp outside ChopSticks in Dbayyeh the other day. The ramp is so steep you need to be muscular to climb it with a wheel chair and you could end up on the highway if you lose control on the way down.

If anyone knows someone in charge at Chopsticks, i urge them to forward them this message before someone gets hurt.

A small watch get-together

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Can you calculate the total cost of the watches in the picture above? This is my rough estimate so far…

The first 10 on the bottom are Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronographs, the regular ones cost like $28,000 and the ones pictured aren’t regular so lets say they’re roughly $35,000 each, multiply that by ten, that’s $350,000. On the right you have around 20 Panerais. Say roughly $10,000 per PAM that’s $200,000. On the left you have a bunch of Rolex’s and IWC’s, I can’t tell what they are but lets give them $10,000 per watch and there are 21 watches so that’s $210,000. Add $350,000 and the other $200,000 that gives you a total of around $760,000.

That’s one hell of a party. You can check all the pictures [Here]

FAP, what it really means…

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I visit regularly and on more than one occasion I’ve seen a picture of the “FAP” mattress company from Lebanon. At first a friend suggested that it might be funny to people who know the GAP stores.

Today I saw a post on another website (picture above), with the caption “Possibly the best billboard everrrr”. I asked a friend and he told me what it really means.

Ladies and gentlemen, the definition of FAP, from the Urban Dictionary:

- Fap: The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation
- Fap: A sound effect for masturbation used often in japanese comics
- Fap fap fap: The sound made when you jack off

So now that you know what FAP means, scroll back up and re-read the ad.

Update: always commented on the FAP ad.

Credit to AF for the discovery