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El 7ale te3beni ya Laila…

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Lebanon “revealed” the world’s largest flag today (65,000 squared meters).

I read this piece of information and thought… “yeah? so what?”

What does the world’s largest flag do for me? Represent national unity? What unity?!

People are so casually talking about the “inevitable” civil war that’s about to hit us as if they’re watching the weather forecast and checking on the hurricane that’s coming in.

The difference is, you can’t stop a hurricane. You can hide or you can run. Meanwhile, we’re discussing a civil war.

We’re sending forwards and jokes about how the war is just around the bend. Is this emotional preparation for what’s about to happen?

While we are on that topic, what is about to happen? And why??

There is so much going on right now, but to get armed and prepare for a civil war? Really?? Like seriously… is that what we’re going to do? Seriously people?

Is it because the civil war worked out for us the first two times, let’s do it again? (Please DO note the sarcasm)

It truly hurts and stuns me to see how people seem to take it so casually, like “yeah… it’s just another war”

It’s a shame…

(Vent out session over)

The Fairouz concert

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I attended the Fairuz concert on Friday. I haven’t been able to post about it earlier because it is quite difficult for me to describe in words because I believe there are no words that would do Fairouz any justice.

I flew in to Beirut from Kuwait on Thursday and you would be surprised to know that the majority of the people on the plane were flying to Beirut specifically for the concert.

As most of you know, it was RAINING on the night of the event. The concert was at 8:30pm, and when I got off the highway, down towards the port, there was sooooo much traffic. We knew that if were to stay in traffic we would never get to Biel on time. We managed to leave the area, go round and come from the other side. We parked near Plum and walked towards Biel in the rain.

We got to the venue, of course cameras and mobile phones were not allowed in. We found our seats ourselves (without the assistance of ushers who seemed to be MIA). The concert started at 9:20. Fairuz walked on stage and that’s when it hit me…. I was seeing Fairouz live!! THEN my view was blocked for the first 3 songs!!! They were allowing people to come in when Fairouz was singing!! The ticket specifically stated that if you were late you were going to have to wait for a break before you were allowed in. Not only was there the matter of having your view blocked, but ushers and people were talking all around us trying to find peoples’ seats and because they were initially MIA there were many people sitting at the wrong seats so they had to figure this out which lasted an additional song or two. This lack of organization was totally frustrating!

Once everything calmed down, Fairouz received my full attention and the feelings that overcame me are indescribable. Her presence on stage captures any audience and her voice… my goodness her voice! At first I was worried that I would not hear the Fairouz we know, with the voice we know, because of her age but she proved me wrong. Her voice is just as magical and captivating as ever, if not more. I was extremely pleased with the selection of songs chosen, and I loved the new songs that she sung. I did not want the concert to end. I wanted more… I thought to myself, if there only was a way that I can save my ears, my emotions, my thoughts from any pollution and just be able to save what I just experienced.

People started walking out of the concert during the last 15 minutes, when Fairouz was still on stage performing! I assume they wanted to leave early so they don’t get stuck in the crowd and traffic while exiting but I found that utterly disrespectful towards the people who were still there enjoying, and of course to Fairouz.

I am so glad that I finally got to watch the great Fairouz live in concert and it is an event that I will cherish for as long as I live, I however, pity the lack of organization that did occur at the event. Fairouz does deserve a whole lot more than this.

Prepare for war

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We have been hearing a lot about speculations of civil war, now we have a date for when it is going to kick off.

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported on Saturday that according to an unnamed diplomatic source, the attempts to stage a coup in Lebanon will kick off on October 16. [BeirutSpring]

Let’s hope they are wrong and more importantly, let’s hope the Lebanese won’t freak out and start invading supermarkets and gas stations!

Eat Pray Love

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I went to City Mall yesterday to watch a movie and there was no place left except in Julia Robert’s new movie “Eat Pray Love” and “The Other guys“. I wanted the Other guys but we ended up watching Julia’s movie since some friends insisted on it. I love her movies usually but this one sucked really bad. I fell asleep like ten times during the movie and left before it ended.

It was really long and slow and “mfalsaf 3al fade” as we say here.

Nestle Tollhouse at ABC Dbayeh… OMG!

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There are no words to describe the taste of a Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie…
I’m on a diet now so I try as much as possible to avoid eating sweets and junk food, but today I failed big time, but it was soooo worth it.

So I went up to the cashier and the guy asked me if I’d like to sit and be served or just do take-out. I told him I’ll just have a cookie to go. I chose the regular chocolate chip cookie.

I took the bag and started going up the escalator when I took my first bite of the cookie…. It was fantastic!
I went up to the 1st level, turned around and went back down and ordered 2 more and ate them on the spot… so much for my diet. And I took another one to go in the end…

The cookie costs 2$ but u can get a dozen for 18$, and it’s worth it.

They have all kinds of cookies, with smarties, rice krispy treats, nuts..

I highly recommend that anyone who’s reading this try them.

The shop is located on the basement floor of the ABC Dbayeh, dunno if they have any other stores though.

Elie Nasr blasts Lebanon Basketball Coach Baldwin

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It is so good to hear Elie Nasr trashing the Lebanon team basketball coach and explain how much he deserves to be fired. I urge the Lebanese basketball officials to think twice before bringing back such coaches.

Captain Elie Nasr in his interview emphasized that the coach had absolutely no “inside game” and relied a lot on Fadi el Khatib and implemented strategies that cost us very dearly.

This is why i was furious on how the likes of Roy Samaha are kept out of the national team and why Lebanon got humiliated in the World championships.