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Law above all?

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I noticed the ISF added few categories to the list of Trafficticket finder, most notably Member of Parliament, Minister, Police, Army and some Arab plate numbers.

It will be interesting to see whether any MPs will be fined, but my question is how will those convoys with all fake numbers be fined?

Frem F1 2010

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David Frem launched his second concept car yesterday at the Forum de Beirut at 2:00pm and is aiming at producing only 100 for sale. Frem’s slogan is “WAHDO HELMAK …BI3AMER WATANAK”.

We all would like to have a Lebanese sports car but Frem’s first car was a complete disaster, so unless he restarted from zero, he’ll be humiliating himself again. What i don’t understand though is why he is aiming that high?? Why not start with a simple car and then develop it?

Here’s an excerpt of what autoblog had to say on his first car, a bit harsh but not far from the truth.

Needless to say, the styling and build quality leaves a lot to be desired. The front end might bare a striking resemblance to Frem’s targeted marque, but the massive upright schnoz and gaping air intakes won’t lend themselves well to European pedestrian impact standards. And if you think the exterior is bad, the foam and wood interior, complete with offset steering wheel held in place by a bent metal bracket, is even worse.

via Beirut Drive-by Shooting

3 Million Liras Fine confirmed!

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Here’s the law as proposed by Mhammad Qabbani. I don’t know how you can be caught but the law is there.

“The new traffic law will state that any person using a mobile phone with the aim of revealing the locations of radars will be fined LL3 million,” he said.

“Anyone who uses a device to scramble radar signals, or vandalizes [radars], will be sentenced to two years in prison and will be fined LL10 million … If the violations are repeated, the punishments will increase,” Qabbani added. [DailyStar]

The making of the new Batman movie!!!! (not really)

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There was a lot of commotion right next to the place I’m staying in in Manhattan, so I got a little bit closer and saw the Bat Mobile with the Charging Bull statue on top!! They were shooting the new Batman movie!! It was really exciting with camera crews everywhere and helicopters. Then all of a sudden they yelled “ACTION!!” and another Bat Mobile came down the road!! (see video)

I asked one of the crew members what the title of the new movie was, he said “Arthur”. Apparently, it’s not Batman, but a movie about a billionaire who doesn’t know what to do with his money so he buys the Bat Mobile! lol!

Lebanese Car Plate directory for iPad

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I downloaded the Lebanese Car Plate directory app for the iPad that Najib was talking about in his previous post. It is very accurate. The app is pretty simple to use, all you need is WiFi access. Just input the license plate number and the letter and you’ll get the following information:

– Name of the owner
– Car make and model
– Owners address (a bit inaccurate in some cases)

The government should not allow this much information to be available to the public! It is a matter of public safety. I don’t want people to know where I live just by knowing my license plate!

In Shape Fair at Biel

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In Shape is the first event of its kind in the Middle East, covering all Health, Beauty and Fitness related products and services. The second edition of this International event will be held in Beirut, Lebanon at BIEL exhibition center from Thursday November the 11th till Sunday the 14th and from 4:00 pm. till 10:00 pm. [More info]

I visited the fair on Friday and it was very crowded unlike I was expecting. My friend who has a supplement store (Shape Up Store) had a stand there and was selling like crazy. I never imagined Lebanese would be that much into supplements.

There were also Zumba dancers performing and entertaining the crowds. I hadn’t heard of this dance fitness program until recently and I must say it’s pretty intense and fun to watch.

Blog Baladi does NYC and Vegas

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I’m going to the US on vacation for 2 weeks.
Veeeeeery excited about this trip, I’ve never been to the US as an adult. I’ve been travelling so much for work in the past 2 years that I managed to score round trip business class tickets from Beirut to NYC via Paris for 410$ + 160,000 miles (I still have a lot of miles left, so it’s OK)

Some things I’m planning on doing in NYC:
– NBA game: New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets
– Visit the NBA store
– Walk around Manhattan, I’m following the Lonely Planet guidebook
– NBC studios tour
– Visit Ground Zero
– Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade
– Experience Black Friday
– Visit Yankee Stadium
– Chinatown
– Take a picture in front of the Seinfeld restaurant
– Eat burgers at Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien

and about a million other touristy things, haven’t memorized all of them.

I tried getting tickets for shows like Saturday Night Live and Daily Show with John Stewart. Impossible, no tickets available 🙁

As for the Vegas part of the trip, I’m staying at the MGM Grand. I have tickets to a couple of shows (Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield…)

I’m mostly looking forward to go to Vegas for the outlet malls. I have trouble finding clothes that fit me in Lebanon, I think I won’t experience the same issues there. Apparently the flight from NYC to Vegas has WiFi internet on board, so that should be pretty cool.

I’ll keep posting from there.