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Fudds opening in Lebanon

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I was leaving ABC Debayeh two days back and I noticed that Fuddruckers was opening up across the highway. Finally we’ll be able to have some decent burgers in Lebanon like the one below which is a Fudds burger I shot at the Kuwait branch. Their cookies are also amazing but hopefully they stick to the proper recipe since the cookies in the Bahrain branch for example are extremely horrible.

Oil Leakage in Lebanon’s sea

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An oil leakage was reported in the Midterranean sea off the costal down of Dora [Naharnet]. Its cause is a ship that was emptying its cargo.

LBC reported few minutes ago that the leakage is huge . [Kataeb Portal]

As if we needed more pollution to the sea after the 2006 war. I haven’t stepped in the sea since then and I will most definitly refrain from doing so this summer.

Oil Prices up by 1700 LBP in Lebanon

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After the 5000 drop in gas prices in Lebanon only a month ago or even less, the prices have increased by 1700 LL already. 600 LL the 1st week, 800 LL the 2nd week and today a 300 LL increase.

3 weeks from now, we will be back to the original crisis. Hourray!

Enjoy the things you can buy for 5000LL ( 3400 LL now) before it’s too late.

We’ve been witnessing people revolting in neighboring countries for the same reasons, with the sole difference is that we are democratically voting for the people screwing us up.

Earth Hour? Seriously?

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Every time I hear the Radio One commercial advertising Earth Hour I keep thinking to myself they can’t be serious. Earth Hour is basically an event where everyone around the world turns out the lights for 1 hour for a better world or something lame like that. Believe in it or not, Earth Hour might make sense in countries where they have 24hours of uninterrupted electricity but in Lebanon? Come on… it’s like Earth Hour every day or more like 12 Earth Hours every day.

121 arrested over Ghobeiri incident

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I keep reading every 2 or 3 days about a number of people arrested by the ISF or the Lebanese Army due to possession of weapons or driving without papers or having search warrants to their names.

The average number of arrested people is around 40-50 every time but today it peaked at 121 individuals, among whom those involved in the “small family dispute” in Ghobeiri. [Link]

What happened in Ghobeiri is another typical Lebanese dispute which happens every now and then. [Example]

While I am glad that so many were arrested, my question is how many nights do those criminals spend in prison? 2 days? 3 days?

I hope I am wrong but I feel the same people keep getting arrested and then released and then arrested again every now and then.

Jounieh municipality’s incompetence (Part1)

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It seems to be that most municipalities in Lebanon have an innate desire to screw up whatever is left of their cities. Jounieh is no exception to that despite trying to cover up its garbage with nice and shiny monuments and places.

We’ve been hearing about this amazing maritime sidewalk in Jounieh (Near ATCL) since ever and until now all we got were some repairs done on the already existing one. Now they’re planning to replace the very unhealthy and unsafe playground they have done for kids with a small garden or park or whatever is showing on the picture below.

This may seem as a good plan if one disregards everything around the place, but let’s explore what surrounds this “soon 3al lebnene” to be accomplished project:

– Arguile places all over the sidewalk.
– Huge Generators blowing toxic air into children’s lungs in the playground.
– Army Base & ATCL Generators blowing toxic air into people’s lungs while jogging on the sidewalk.
– Cars passing all day long emitting carbon dioxide.
– A “Bar 3al lebnene” (Estedrite) right across the street from the playground.

Kind of reminds me of Maya Zankoul’s post on how buildings are portrayed and how they truly are. [Link]

Let us not talk about the roads there because they are no better than Jal el Dib municipality in terms of incompetence. [Link]

Unidentified Flag at Nahr el Kalb

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Whose country’s flag is this?

It looks a lot like the Indian flag. Possibly Indian Cricket fans heading to a cricket game?

Going to ask our building concierge tonight if they organize such games in Lebanon. It would be fun to watch (maybe just once though cause I never understood or liked cricket).