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A good phone to buy?

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I’ve been wanting to buy a mobile as a gift prior to Mother’s day but I honestly could not find any decent one except the iPhone and the Nokia E72. They are both of different price ranges but they are the best ones to get if you want an expensive and worthy phone or a relatively affordable and practical phone.

I don’t like how Samsung and Nokia are trying to immitate the iPhone regardless of the fact that they are android phones. They could be better phones for all I know but they just look like cheap versions of the iPhone. (Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N8)

As far as Blackberry phones are concerned, their service is too damn expensive in Lebanon and you could replace it easily by getting whatsapp application and subscribing to the GPRS service. Therefore, except for corporate use, it’s a useless and expensive phone to get.

The iPhone in Lebanon is too expensive still (Around 1000$) and getting it from abroad factory unlocked is a hassle. That leaves us with Nokia phones and the E72 is the most reliable of them all. The previous E71 was a success and the new E72 is even better.

If you guys know of any phone worthy looking at, please share it with me.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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I loved Exotica‘s ad this year for Mother’s day as well as KunHadi’s ad, but I could not find any picture of the latter online.

I like how Kunhadi are making their ads more and more aggressive because that’s the only way they will raise some awareness among Lebanese drivers. its slogan for Mother’s day this year is “Mothers are supposed to receive flowers”.

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

That’s what Lebanese women are supposed to do …

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I have a feeling this ad is not going to please Lebanese women. It is definitely not as bad as the Ministry of Tourism’s Lebanon Blues but it is still demeaning to all women and Lebanese women specifically.

Speaking of such ads, this reminded me of some vintage ads I saw once at darkroastedblend [Link]. Seems to me some Lebanese still have the same mentality.

Still no screen clocks on LBC

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LBCI figured out a new way to boost its basketball games audience by taking out the time display from the screen. That way, viewers will keep living in suspense not knowing when the quarter or game is gonna finish.

Ironically, their key sponsor is Tissot.

PS: Mabrouk to Annibal and Roy!

Privacy is not something to mess with

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Brand Protection Group Campaign is an association of leading local, regional, and international manufacturers and distributors that joined efforts in March 2003 to fight counterfeit products in Lebanon and the Levant region. [Website]

Even though I am supportive of such campaigns, but duplicating people’s facebook accounts and sending them friends requests is not how you get one’s attention. Darine Sabbagh seemingly liked it and Mustapha found it brilliant but I am against such approaches.

It is an invasion of privacy as some people might have mistakenly messaged the fraudulent account and many users could have reported the correct account and caused its closure by mistake as well. Playing with people’s personal profiles is not funny.

About Uncle Deek …

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I am glad Danielle posted about Uncle Deek because I’ve been forgetting to talk about this place. To say it in few words, If I were the minister of Interior or head of the police or even a local police official in the Ain Mraisse area, I would do everything I can to close down this place because:

1- It does not have a Valet Parking but worse, it lets cars park randomly in front of it, blocking the whole right lane and causing endless traffic throughout the day.

2- The Coffee delivery people there are Kamikaze and jump in front of cars to get coffee to their customers on the other side of the road.

3- It looks very dirty from the inside and outside. I am quite sure it won’t pass any hygiene test.

4- Its slogan is stupid (cold-food-hot) WTH?. Reminds me of Bliss House’s slogan (BBQ, Juice, Ice Cream). That is not a reason to close it but I thought I mention it.

As for its Nescafe, I never understood the Lebanese people’s obsession with nescafes from small kiosks or dirty looking shops that pour lots of Nestle into the Nescafe to make it taste nice.