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Elevators Maintenance in Lebanon

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You read some funny warnings but this one is honestly scary and the ironic part is that the building has tons of offices and two known banks and is situated on Sassine Square in Achrafieh. Don’t they care about their own safety if not their customers’ ?

I always wondered who’s held responsible if someone falls in the elevator and gets hurt?

BlogBaladi Turns 1!

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BlogBaladi has officially turned 1! We turned one actually over a week ago but I didn’t think to check our launch date until Danielle posted about her blog turning one a few days back.

In order to thank our readers for coming here and reading what we have to say day after day, we decided to giveaway a pair of amazing Skullcandy GI Shoe Blue Headphones in collaboration with the cool people from Skullcandy Levant. Here is a link to their very active Facebook page [Link]

How do you win this awesome headphone?
You simply need to wish us a happy birthday either on your blog, twitter or even Facebook. Then just leave a comment below with a link to your greeting.

The post will be closed on March 18th and the winner will be announced on the same day.

Special thanks to the incredibly talented Maya Zankoul for the awesome Rass el Abed, aka Tarboush cake!

Old Lebanese saying: Shabrou2a

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I’ve been going to LAU for the past two years and I always check out places in the Quoraitem and Hamra streets on my way back, mainly cause I would be stuck in traffic.

There’s this one supermarket which always caught my attention since I could not figure out the meaning of its name which was Shabrou2a, at least until tonight. Turns out my gf knew its meaning all along and never bothered to tell me until today!

Shabrou2a is an old Lebanese saying mainly used among Beirut residents that means basically getting candy or chocolate or sweet things in general. Parents would give their children 5000 LL and tell them “yishaber2o” fiyoun.

PS: French-speaking Lebanese parents would say instead “va emmener des bonne choses habibe”.

50th anniversay of the Cedar 3 rocket launch

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Every few years, I see someone reminding us about the rocket a Lebanese professor called Manoug Manougian created some 50 years back at the Haigazian University. The rocket was called Cedar 3 and made it into the thermosphere reaching an altitude of 145 kilometres. [Link]

It apparently caught the attention of the US and Soviet Union at the time who sent cultural attaches to see what the Lebanese scientist had done.

This year, to mark the 50th anniversary of the first rocket launch, artists and film-makers Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige have created a set of installations that tell the story of, and reflect on, the Lebanese rocket launches in one of the largest art shows in the Middle East, the Sharjah Bennial 10. [Sharjah Bennial 10]

It is quite sad that we haven’t heard of any valuable invention by a Lebanese scientist since then, as if history has stopped for us back in 1966.

Lebanese Women Pissed by Ministry of Tourism campaign

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The television campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and entitled “Lebanon blues” has angered a lot of Lebanese women who claim they are being portrayed in an indecent manner and that the Ministry of Tourism and its minister Fadi Abboud are promoting Lebanon as a country for sex tourism. [Full Response] [Lebanon Blues Ad]

Here’s an excerpt of what came in that response:

“The truth is that we are not “free” women wearing bikinis and partying all night. The truth is that we are deprived, poor and oppressed. Our bodies which you say are free, are still subject to many social, domestic, legal and economic restraints. We, as injured and humiliated women, ask the Ministry of Tourism to recall this advert immediately and to apologize for this insult. Because out bodies aren’t delicious fruit to offer to consumers so they will visit the “homeland” to pick out what they desire.”

Is it acceptable for the Ministry of Tourism to promote Lebanon as the “cabaret of the Middle East” to tourists? Can’t it revive tourism without selling women’s bodies? Dear Ministry, how can either we or you accept our bodies becoming the goal and target of the lust of the arriving spenders? How are we supposed to understand that “Lebanon Blues” is connected to our naked bodies? How can the Ministry of Tourism promote a message to the whole world that Lebanon is a country which sells its women for the sake of the tourists?

I am not surprised that Fadi Abboud might come out with such ads, he is known to be filthy and vulgar and has reportedly hit a female worker at his ministry few months back. Moreover and to make things worse, he issued a statement today that he wants to go through the Miss Lebanon 2011 applicants this year in order to “ensure the competition’s high standards”. [Article]

I wonder how he plans on ensuring the competition’s high standards?

I must agree with Mustapha from BeirutSpring that “it’s very unfortunate that a person with such dubai-esque sensibilities is the one in charge of promoting a place as rich and diverse as Lebanon. What’s even more unfortunate is that he’s using Lebanese women as Lebanon’s unique selling point.” [BeirutSpring]

Lebanese Archbishop Bechara El Rai new Maronite Patriarch‎

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For the past week or so, most radio stations were scrambled in the Keserwan area as jammers were set near Bkerke to prevent any communication with the Maronite archbishops so that they elect a new Patriarch.

Well the wait is over and we just had a new Patriarch elected two hours ago, Patriarch Mar Bechara el Rai. He’s the guy in the picture below on the right. He’s 71 years old, no beard and barely any white hair.

Kibbet La2teen ( كبة لقطين )

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Kebbet La2teen is a very famous dish prepared during Lent. It is not the healthiest of Kebbes (Is there a healthy Kebbe to begin with?) but it is really good. It is a Lebanese dish and does not take much time to prepare. Here’s a link that I found on how to prepare it.

[How to Prepare Kibbet la2teen Kras]

According to, you can also prepare it bil sayniyye. Check it out [Link]