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8.9 Magnitude Earthquake hits Japan

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Here’s amateur footage of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan today. Tsunami alerts have been issued in more than 10 countries. [Article] [Video]

We’ve been warned about future earthquakes in Lebanon and I can only imagine the devastation a similar strength earthquake would cause in Lebanon. Look at the amount of damage Japan received and their infrastructure and buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. [Earthquake-Lebanon]

Pay your park meter fees online

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I was recently told that the company behind the park meters in Lebanon is going to upgrade their website to include an e-payment system which would allow you to pay online. [Link]

That would be a great feature as it would save us the time and effort to go to a Libanpost office in case we don’t have a card to pay with, and by card I mean the prepaid park meter card as credit cards don’t work even though their website says it should. [Link]

This however does not solve the problem of scanning and photoshopping the legal parking stubs that we discussed previously.

Dancing at the Beirut Airport (it’s a commercial people)

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It seems an ad agency in Beirut created a commercial similar to the British T-Mobile advert (Lifes For Sharing) in which a group of people suddenly started dancing in a train station except in our case the dancing takes place at the airport. The commercial is for the company Plus Brokers (which you can clearly see their banner through out the video). I personally prefer the T-Mobile version, first because of the fact they came up with the idea first (although they were inspired by Improv Everywhere’s Frozen Grand Central Station) and secondly because the T-Mobile version looked more real. The dancing in the T-Mobile commercial took place at a crowded station and it looked as if people randomly started joining but with the Beirut Airport version the airport is empty and it then just looks like a group of dancers came in and started dancing. Even though it’s still fun to watch. [YouTube]

Below is the original T-Mobile ad for comparison.


MEA and racism

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You have to read this story, it’s horrible. A Lebanese couple who were traveling from Istanbul to Beirut via MEA witnessed an act of racism on board the plane. A male Lebanese passenger complained to a MEA flight attendant that he did not want to sit next to a black man. You read right, he did not want to sit next to a black man, I mean wtf? If that wasn’t bad enough what happened next was even worse, instead of the MEA flight attendant asking the Lebanese guy to go back to his seat and shut the fuck up, she instead forced the black man to change his seat (probably sent him to the back of the bus plane).

While the whole world is moving forward around us we’re stuck with dial up speed internet, no electricity, the same politicians bickering over and over and to top it all off we’re racist. According to the pilot who spoke to the couple this incident was nothing compared to the amount of racism they witness on board flights from Dubai and Africa.

I find this very depressing…

Here is the blog that has the post on this incident [Link]
I found out about this story from the Lebanese Anti Racism Movement blog [Here]

Ski and Fashion Festival 2011

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BeirutNightLife have posted pictures of my favorite event of the year, actually my second favorite since my first favorite is the K-lynn lingerie fashion show in Faraya. You can visit their site to check out the pictures and read the article [Here]

Or because I am super nice, I’ve put all 217 photos in one 20MB zip file and you can download that from [Here]