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Unlocked Iphone now available in the US

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Apple is rumored to begin selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 4 in the U.S. starting at $649 on Wednesday. MacRumors is now reporting that unlocked iPhones have “shipped to Apple Stores this week” and will be priced at $649 and $749 for 16GB and 32GB models, respectively. [Link]

Hoping that this will put an end to the fluctuating and unrealistic iPhone prices that we have in Lebanon. I remember iPhone 4 was being sold as high as 1500$ in Lebanon when it was first launched.

Via Stateofmind13

Thunder and Lightning

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Looking at this picture, you’d think that’s taken from some movie. It’s not enough that volcanos are scary, imagine them with lightning. To check out more pictures of the Chile volcano, click here [Link]

Thank God we are far away from having natural disasters in Lebanon.

Massari most listened to at Virgin Megastores

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While checking out some cds at Virgin Megastore, I noticed Massari was their most listened to artist. That’s hard to believe considering Massari’s last single was in 2009 and that since then, no one’s heard of the guy.

I understand he is from Lebanon and all, but the more plausible conclusion is that Virgin is not doing so well in Lebanon, at least not in the music cds business.

Aishti need to get their act together

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I was reading a post on Ivy Says about a recent issue she faced at one of the Aishti stores. I thought what happened to her was extremely inappropriate and decided to email Aishti myself using their contact us form on their website to make them aware of her post so they could take care of it. After sending them an email and what do I get in return? An automated response informing me that I’ve been added to their mailing list without my consent and not even offering me a link so I could unsubscribe.

Dear Sir or Madame,

We at Aishti would like to thank you for taking the time to write to us.

We would like to let you know that we just added you to our newsletter mailing list. This entitles you to periodic update to all new happenings at Aishti worldwide.

Respectfully yours,


I even searched their website for any information on how I could opt out but couldn’t find anything just information on how to opt in. If this was an automated response from my barber Salon Tony I could understand but with a large and now international brand like Aishti you expect a bit more. I’ve already emailed them back about this so hopefully they’ll listen to my feedback and fix this.

Since we are on the Aishti subject, the other day I posted about Aishti’s sale on my other blog which is based in Kuwait. People who didn’t know what Aishti was googled it and ended up at their website… which starts off with a fully naked woman. I don’t have a problem with nudity but you could understand why their customers in the Gulf region might.

Here is the link to Ivy’s post. [Link]

Lebanon’s beautiful beach

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I never intend to keep our readers away from Lebanon or encourage them to spend their summers elsewhere, even though that would mean much less traffic. The few things that bother us about Lebanon don’t mean we should stop loving our country.

Despite all the pollution, the corrupted politicians, the war threat at any second, the civil war threat at any second, the bombings and assassinations, the traffic, the underpaid jobs, we still have a beautiful country with beautiful beaches and nature. [Lebanon in Winter]

Let’s just say spending Lebanon in summer is about having a cold Almaza on one of its many beautiful beaches, and enjoying Lebanon despite all its flaws and its crazy people. The picture above is Pierre and Friend’s beach, and you can find plenty of similar beaches from Jbeil till Chekka. Tyr has also one of the most beautiful sands in Lebanon but it’s a long trip to go there.

To read more on Pierre & Friends, check a day out and a night out at Pierre & Friends.