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Serj Tankian is in Lebanon

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Serj Tankian the lead vocalist of System of a Down is in Lebanon. My relatives spotted him and took pictures with him in Downtown Beirut a few days back but I sadly didn’t run into him. He’s going to be performing with his father at Rock Festival 2011 in Lebanon on September 2nd. The style is going to be similar to the video above which is nothing like System of a Down below. Don’t know if that’s good or bad but I’m leaning more towards bad. For more information on the Rock Festival click [Here]


What can one buy for 30$ from Librairie Antoine?

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I found in my wallet the other day a 52,000 LL voucher from Librairie Antoine that I had forgotten about. I passed by Librairie Antoine at ABC Dbayyeh to see if it’s still valid since it dated back from March and luckily I was told their vouchers never expire.

I had no clue what to buy since it’s been ages since I’ve gotten any books and prices were relatively high for any interesting book I checked, until I spotted L’eleve Ducobu comic books.

I bought two new publications for 51,000LL and was not reimbursed a 1000 LL because their accounting system requires that you buy with the same exact amount of the voucher or more. I didn’t argue though as I was in a hurry.

I read both issues the same night and they were as funny as always. Added to that, I just found out they released “L’eleve Ducobu” the movie two months ago.

Mark vs. Benihana

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After the court ruled in favor of Mark in the Benihana lawsuit, Benihana appealed the decision and the court surprisingly ruled in their favor the second time.

I don’t know how this happened but it’s absurd and Mark losing this case will be a major setback to all bloggers and freedom of speech in Kuwait and all over the Arab world.

Now is Mark’s turn in appealing the decision once again and hopefully winning and closing this case once and for all.

Let’s show him all our support and hope for the best. I for myself will never set foot in any Benihana unless they apologize and take back this stupid lawsuit.

If you want to learn more on the lawsuit, read [Here].

The Women Who Pursue Married Men

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With a ratio of 6 women to every man who blames those home wreckers, correct? Wrong! This is not the story where an innocent lady in her mid-to-late twenties is fooled into a love triangle by some deceitful man sans his wedding band, with a wife and kids at home, rather this is a story of the girls that go out on the hunt-for any man-and if he happens to be married, oh well, it’s fair game and she’ll just have to work harder at luring him into leaving his wife for her. At ANY cost.

Interesting post by Ivy on the rise of the trend of women going after married men in Lebanon (and vice versa).

I never understood this urge to go after married men or women, but I think this is as low as one can get, as low as a man beating his wife is.

You can read the full article [Here].

Chinese iPhone now in Lebanon

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I saw one of my colleagues at work with a brand new iPhone 4 but as I was checking it out I sensed there’s something wrong with it. Turns out it’s the Chinese version of the iPhone4.

You might not notice the difference if you are looking from a distance but it’s very different and a crappy version to say the least.

The icons look funny, the touch is horrible and the phone is very slow. Nevertheless, it has USB, takes two Sims and costs only 150$.

Unfortunatelly for those interested, there are no news as to when a Chinese fake Apple store will open its doors in Lebanon.

Zinzlakht Tree

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I always thought for some reason zinzlakht was some made-up Lebanese word, turns out it’s a tree and a beautiful one.

Spotted at Mar Elias Monastery in Oudeen near Qoubayyat, North of Lebanon.