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Best Christmas gift!

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Out of all the gifts I got, the lego Winter Village set I got was the one I loved most!

I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas tree and a nativity scene using lego this year but you never find this stuff in Lebanon. Plus it’s double the price.

Another blast rocks Tyre

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The first explosion was on November 16 targetting a night club and a liquor store, then on November 23 targetting a weapons’ stock pile, and the last one occurred today at 5 am targetting a restaurant that serves alcohol.

Since explosions have been targetting liquor stores and pubs in Tyr, why didn’t the minister of interior send few units to guard those places in order to prevent future bombings?

Despite all that, the restaurant’s owner Zuhair Arnaout insisted that “he will fix the damage, go ahead with the celebrations and serve alcohol”. I’m not sure how many people will be ready to risk their lives though and go to his party.

Buying a laptop in Lebanon

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I am lucky to have a brother and few cousins and friends in the U.S as I can easily order my electronics from there, because to be honest, you have to be either crazy or desperate to buy them from Lebanon.

There are few decent shops in Lebanon or sales people who can get you good deals on laptops and other electronics, but most of the time, you have a high chance of getting ripped off.

I was looking for a new laptop to replace my dying Toshiba, and the price range I was looking at was between 600-800$. After some thorough research, I had to choose between a 17-inch HP laptop and a 15-inch Lenovo Thinkpad E520.

I opted for the Lenovo as it was 200$ cheaper, is more reliable and had everything I needed in a laptop. It’s a core i5 2.4 GHZ 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD for only 617$.

When comparing the prices of laptops in Lebanon, there was at least a 200 to 300$ difference between most laptops I found online and the ones I found in shops. I understand there’s shipment fees and customs and taxes but that’s a bit too much.

I have to ask here why doesn’t the government lower its taxes on electronics in general and let Lebanese retail shops be more competitive and sell more? Most people I know want to buy their electronics from the U.S because they think products are either over-priced or not good in Lebanon.

Mecanique Rage

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[High Res]

I’ve always wanted to make comics, but my drawing is not that good. However, I was talking to Chahe about rage comics the other day and I thought I’d use them instead.

This is inspired from my past experiences at the Mecanique before I started paying someone to do it for me.

Update: Speaking of mecanique, read what happened today [Here].

Lebanese Girl Wearing Condom-Necklace

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The artist they are interviewing is not really saying anything wrong. She’s for equal rights between men and women, defending gay rights, and promoting safe sex. She is not promoting sex, she wants Lebanese to get over the sex taboo. I am not saying I fully agree with her, but she is making few good points. In fact, for once I thought “A7mar bil Khat el 3areed” was actually sending out a useful message until they let this stupid woman come up and address the artist.

What does nudity have to do with pornography? How does wearing a condom necklace make you a prostitute or a sex promoter? I mean seriously where do they come up with those people?

One last thing, can we please stop comparing every artist or singer dressed in a funny way to Lady Gaga? Chou We2fit 3laya?