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Fondation Bashir Gemayel collects 300,000$ for Achrafieh victims

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More than 300,000$ were collected so far by a joint-effort between Bashir Gemayel Foundation and MTV. Achrafieh MPs Nadim Gemayel & Michel Pharaon, as well as Telecom Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui helped promoting this campaign which was initiated on Sunday and will last for 1 week only. [Link]

The money collected will go to the families that were victims of the Fassouh building collapse that killed 27 people and injured 12 others.

For those of you who wish to donate, there are two days to do so:
1- SMS the letter ‘A’ or ‘ Ø£” to the number 1000.
2- Donate directly by heading to the nearest Bank Audi branch and depositing in the account mentioned below: (IBAN:LB03005600020009446100200907)

NBA Detroit Pistons want Fady al-Khatib

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“It’s true. I have been exchanging emails with Joe Dumars [Detroit Pistons’ President], who has asked me to come in summer,” revealed Khatib, who is 32 years old. He added: “I don’t know yet if I am going. Playing in the NBA is something professional players dream of, but I have a family and I am starting a new project here.” [Source]

My friend was telling me the Pistons are serious about it and are being critisized for bringing in a 32 year old basketball player with no NBA experience. I never really liked Khatib but I wish him luck and hope he’ll be joining them soon.

He was already deprived from this chance some 10 years ago when he was playing for Sagesse. That’s probably the last chance he’ll ever get to join the NBA.

The Detroit Fans however don’t seem very happy about it. [Link]

Nora’s fate tells the story of striped hyenas in Lebanon

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We sent our team to the location and explained that we needed to take the hyena for treatment, rushing the animal to a veterinarian where x-rays revealed the extent of her injuries. We were shocked to find that her body was riddled with shot gun pellets. The hyena had an open wound on her lower thigh and a badly broken leg. Immediate surgery was needed to clean her infected wound and a further operation was planned to fix her leg.

The story doesn’t have a happy ending but it’s a must read. [Link]

DoGroom Pet Care

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One would think Lebanese are more worried these days about getting 24/7 electricity and water than grooming their pets, but this whole pet care business is booming lately and there are even Spas dedicated mainly to cats and dogs.

However, some people still can’t find time to pick up their dogs’ poop off the sidewalk.

You can check out more about DogRoom mobile grooming service on their [Website].

26% of Lebanon covered by snow

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[Picture of Jezzine’s entrance taken by Annahar]

According to a satellite picture taken last Friday, over 2680 square kilometer of Lebanon’s surface is covered with snow, with snow levels ranging from 20 centimeters to few meters. [Annahar]

It’s been a few years since we had a winter that cold and snowy and that’s the way it should be. I haven’t been to the mountains yet but I am planning to go for a snowmobile ride this weekend or the next.

You can check out some cool snow pictures [Here] & [Here].

Metel Ma Shelta

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Very cool anti littering awareness campaign designed by graphic design students Mohamed Olaymi,Nadine Razzouk and Lama Shehadeh. It’s a very simple idea, they printed out messages on the back of what looks like a folded LL10,000 note and dropped them in strategic places. When passerby’s notice the money on the floor they bend down to pick it up only to discover it’s not really money and instead find the anti littering message on the back. Here is a link to their [Facebook Page]

Thanks Razan