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How to cool down frustrated drivers in Lebanon

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I’ve been driving for a week or more now without a horn (My car caught the flu) and I must say it changed slightly the way I drive in Lebanon. I am relatively a calm driver but a honk is always needed with all the assholes out there trying to cut you off or crossing a red light.

Now that I have no car horn, I got used to avoiding situations where I needed it as I found myself helpless when people would cut me off or throw their cars in front of mine.

Having said that, maybe we should ban car horns in Lebanon and fine drivers using them on the highways and main roads, that way Lebanese who actually care about their cars will drive more calmly and responsibly.

This is probably never gonna happen but maybe we could start by calling for a honk-free day.

Lazy Lebanese

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Christmas has passed, New Year’s eve is over, Armenian Orthodox Christmas was last week, we are in the middle of January 2012 yet NYE billboards are still everywhere and Christmas decorations are still found in all malls and shops and on the streets.

Maybe everyone’s waiting for the perfect storm to take them out?

Compromised Websites in Lebanon

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I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that there’s been an increase in internet credit card fraud lately in Lebanon. One of them told me there’s a local payment gateway that’s being hacked consistently and that is being used by a considerable number of Lebanese websites.

I could not find any articles related to that matter, but there aren’t that many payment gateways used by Lebanese websites to my knowledge. The Lebanese websites I’ve used to buy stuff at least once and never had a problem with are (Lotto website), Wise & Cyberia websites, MTC website and

There’s a guy on Elmazad offering services that include hacking into people’s accounts in Lebanon. Maybe his softwares are working after all?

Jal el Dib & Charles Helou Bridges

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I noticed that Charles El Helou bridge was undergoing some maintenance work last Friday and the road was closed as a result, but I had no clue the situation was as bad as it is portrayed in this report.

It basically says that the bridge could crumble any second now, similarly to the Jal el Dib Bridge which has expired and is yet to be taken down.

In fact, I had posted back in October that the Jal el Dib will be taken down soon but political disputes between various parties have delayed early plans.

So until then, pray before you cross any of those two bridges or avoid crossing over them by taking other routes.

80% of Ajaltoun, Rayfoun & Mayrouba sold to non-Lebanese ?

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According to the Maronite League, 80% of lands in Ajaltoun, Rayfoun, Mayrouba and Kfardebian were sold to non-Lebanese. Added to that, Northern town Alma has more than 85% of its land sold to non-Lebanese. [Source]

Those statistics are hard to believe to be honest as these towns are neither deserted nor far away, and there are a lot of Lebanese living there all year long, specially in Ajaltoun and Rayfoun.

Zuhair Murad: Like a boss

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Jennifer Lopez: I want your most expensive and unique dress for the American Music Awards. Don’t disappoint me Zuhair!
Zuhair Murad: Don’t worry Jenn! You will be the only one to wear this dress in 2011.

Hayfa Wehbe: Badde dress ma byefham lal NYE party Ok Zuz?
Zuhair Murad: Don’t worry Hayoufti! You’ll be the first to wear this dress in 2012.

A week after NYE 2011

Haifa Wehbe started 2012 in a grand ceremony in Biel downtown Beirut; the star looked sexier than ever in a Zuhair Murad dress similar to the one previously worn by Latin bombshell Jennifer Lopez. [Link]

Haifa Fans: Jennifer lopez wore the same dress as Haifa Wehbe. [Link]

[Jennifer Lopez] [Haifa Wehbe]