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Obama saved by a Lebanese

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Classified documents detailing Pres. Obama’s visit to France for the G20 Summit were left in a Cannes restaurant. A forgetful FBI agent apparently left the dossier at the cash register of a Lebanese owned restaurant.
­“It looked like a usual file,” Bilal Herche was quoted by the Le Figaro newspaper as saying. “I opened it and understood that the documents contained crazy data.”

Bilal called the FBI and told them about the files. They didn’t believe him at first but then came back to claim their documents. FBI rewarded him with a medal.

Check out the full story in [French] & [English].

Valet Parking at Warde Faraya

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This whole Valet parking issue is seriously getting out of hand in Lebanon. I went up to Faraya some 10 days ago and was stopped at the entrance of Warde ski slope by a Valet guy. They had a checkpoint and you could not get in the huge parking lot without giving the car.

I told him I am just driving around and don’t want to give him my car and a minute later he agreed to let me in.

I’ve been going there for years and I honestly don’t see the need for valet services. Added to that, the entrance to Warde is also a main road that gets you to the Bekaa. How can they be allowed to block a main road and set up a checkpoint? It wasn’t that long time that we got rid of Syrian checkpoints there and we damn sure don’t miss them!

Moreover, a guy was complaining on the radio the other day that he had to pay 5000LL just to get passed the checkpoint.

All in all, valet guys in Lebanon dress like army men, beat you up if you take their parking spot and are setting up checkpoints lately. Give them guns and you’ll have a Lebanese version of Blackwater.

Reasons behind Beirut River turning red

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As Safir daily said that the ministry’s team of experts headed by Bassam Sabbagh made an initial finding that the pollutant has no odor and that the red color could come from blood, a chemical, or a dye. [Link]

It can’t possibly be blood! Final results are yet to come out.

Speaking of investigations, we have yet to hear from the head of the Audit bureau on the red diesel scandal. Is it that hard to figure out?

Update: It’s definitely not blood. Most probably a dye. [Link]

Love pets

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I pass by every morning near this pet store and hear animals locked up inside screaming and making the weirdest noises. I honestly don’t know how this store is allowed to stay open that way. It’s more of an animal prison than a pet store. I will report it to Animals Lebanon, a group that has been fighting to make animal abuse illegal and managed to prepare and present a draft animal welfare and protection law to the Minister of Agriculture and all parliamentarians on November 24th.

You can support their cause by signing their petition [Here].