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Kimi(kh) Räikkönen

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Lotus declared its return to Lebanon in style by holding a big event at ‘MAD’ nightclub and bringing 2007 F1 champion Kimi Raikkonen. Everyone was wearing suits and well-dressed except for Kimi who showed up in jeans. He also didn’t look excited one single bit and as u see from his hand gestures in the video, he’s like “Yeah let’s get this over with”, or given his drinking habits he was probably saying “BlaBla let me go get a drink now!”. No wonder he’s nicknamed Iceman. What a guy!

I was disappointed though that Kimi did not show off his skills in the streets of Beirut in a special event using a Lotus or F1 car, similarly to what F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel did last year in his hometown. [YouTube]

You can watch the full interview [Here].

The Lotus cars displayed outside were awesome. I had my eyes on the white one but they were all pre-sold unfortunately (mahek?).

You can check pictures of the events [Here].

F1 Lotus Renault Driver Kimi Räikkönen in Lebanon

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[Thank you ArzLeb]

I was just told that F1 Driver Kimi Räikkönen is as we speak meeting the President of the Lebanese republic Michel Suleiman in Baabda. I don’t have a picture yet but I will post it as soon as I have one.

He is expected to show up at the launching of the Lotus cars in Beirut tonight, which I will be attending thanks to a good friend of mine!

If you want to know more about Kimi, read [Here] and [Here] and watch him on Top Gear [Here].

Kuwait event plays Borat parody as Kazakhstan national anthem

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Kazakhstan’s shooting team demanded an apology after a spoof national anthem from the comedy film Borat was played instead of the real one at a medal ceremony in Kuwait, the BBC reported on Friday. [Link]

Now that is freakin’ hilarious! I am surprised the athlete kept her composure and did not make a scene.

Here are few lyrics from Borat’s O’Kazakhstan anthem:

Kazakhstan greatest country in the world.
All other countries are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium.
Other countries have inferior potassium.

Kazakhstan industry best in the world.
We invented toffee and trouser belt.
Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region.
Except of course Turkmenistan’s

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place.
From Plains of Tarashek to Norther fence of Jewtown.
Come grasp the might phenis of our leader.
From junction with the testes to tip of its face!

Mabrouk to the Lebanese female competitor who got third place. I am trying to see what her name is but can’t find it anywhere. My guess is she’s Ray Bassil.

Lebanon 3rd best place to celebrate Easter

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[Source] ( has come up with a list of top 10 places to celebrate Easter, with Lebanon ranked 3rd. Here’s what they say about Lebanon:

Visitors will notice the ornately decorated streets, shops and restaurants filled with all things Easter from bunnies to chocolate, painted eggs and even live baby chicks in some places. Good Friday is marked by mass. Easter Sunday is a huge celebration where absolutely everyone goes to church. After taking communion, the 40-day fast comprising a strictly vegan diet, is broken with a feast featuring lamb and lots of egg breaking. Get your hands on the delicious Easter sweets called Maamoul. These are little cookies made with a mixture of semolina and butter then stuffed with either dates or ground sugared nuts and dusted with icing sugar. [Source]

They sure are right about Maamoul. If you are interested in knowing how to make Maamoul, check out this awesome post at the Food Blog.

Full rankings are a follows:
1 – Argentina
2 – Greece
3 – Lebanon
4 – Scotland
5 – Spain
6 – Sweden
7 – France
8 – Germany
9 – United States
10 – Canada

Via A Separate State of Mind

I’m Mark, a 4G Hotspot.

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Homeless Hotspots was a charitable innovation initiative by BBH New York in partnership with Front Steps Shelter during the SXSW Interactive festival in March of 2012. It attempted to help modernize the Street Newspaper model employed to support homeless populations for our more digital age. [Link]

I think it’s quite disrespectful to the homeless but they don’t seem to mind it given the situation they are in. Imagine the ministry of telecommunication in Lebanon hooking up 3G signal boosters and hotspots on street children and beggars. That might actually make people like them for a change and stop running away from them.

Mohamad Iskandar – Gerfet 3amalyat (غرفة عمليّات)

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A British friend asked me yesterday to explain to her what this song means and what happens in the video, so I had to listen to it for the first time and found out that Mohammad Iskandar was actually sending a good message this time in his song on plastic surgery and its risks, unlike his earlier song Jomhouriyyit Albi which was highly disrespectful to women and stirred controversy in Lebanon.

However, can someone explain to me what happens at minute 3:54? Who’s this guy and how is he related to the song at all?