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Run for Peace Game

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Run For Peace is a new iPhone and iPad game about Peace. Salim, a new hero, is a peaceful guy who has dreamed about Peace since he was 3 years old. Unfortunately for him, Peace has not ever come to his part of the world.

One day he got so desperate that he decided to defy his fears. “Come on Salim, you are brave, show them what you can do!” he shouted to encourage himself. From that moment, he decided to embark on a Peace-spreading journey across the Middle East. []

Run for Peace is another game from GameCooks, the same people who brought us “Birdy Nam Nam” almost a year ago. All GameCooks members are Lebanese. [Website]

I downloaded the game and played it a bit and I was disappointed as a Lebanese not to see tires burning on my way. How dare they ignore such an important and crucial part of our Lebanese culture?

The game is available in the [AppStore]. Download it and show some support to our fellow Lebanese.

Kuwait is the hottest capital in the world for 2012

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According to a study done by Al-Rai newspapers during the first half of July, Kuwait scored the highest average temperatures (47-48 degrees Celsius), with a peak of 51 degrees Celsius between 2 and 3 pm. Note that this study excludes uninhabited areas and deserts and restricts itself to major cities and capitals.

Here’s a list of the 15 hottest capitals in the world as listed in Al Rai’s study:
1- Kuwait City, Kuwait (47-48)
2- Baghdad, Iraq (46)
3- Riyadh, KSA (46)
4- Abu Dhabi (45-46)
5- Manama, Bahrain (42-44)
6- Doha, Qatar (42-44)
7- Damascus, Syria (40-41)
8- Islamabad, Pakistan (40-41)
9- Amman, Jordan (38-40)
10- Khartoum, Sudan (38-40)
11- Beirut, Lebanon (38-40)
12- Cairo, Egypt (38-40)
13- Mascat, Oman (38-40)
14- Tripoli, Libya (38-40)
15- NewDelhi, India (38-40)

It’s never too late for a Green Revolution in Beirut!

You can check out the full list [Here].

Lebanese blogger Jessica Ghawi among Batman shooting victims

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Update: As it appears, she is Palestinian and not Lebanese.

Sportswriter Jessica Ghawi just missed being shot at a Toronto mall in June. When a killer opened fire in a Colorado movie theater, she was not so lucky. Jessica was only 24. [Link]

A tragic loss for her family and friends!

Eleven other people died in the Colorado shooting that occurred when 24-year-old James Holmes burst into the movie house and began shooting patrons, allegedly killing at least 12 and injuring 70. The number of casualties makes the incident the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. [Source]

Sincere condolences to all the victims’ families and friends.

Jessica had posted on her [Blog] on the Eaton Center shooting that she had luckily survived a few weeks back. May she R.I.P.

Update: Her brother has a blog and has been blogging about the incident in details [Here]

Ward Al Khal Scandal

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Update: The whole thing was a prank. Thank you Gilbert for the [Story]

Update2: LBC are saying it’s not a prank. Lol! [Link]

I saw this post earlier today in AlBaladOnline and on but I didn’t give it much importance at first. However I checked again tonight and I was surprised to see the video has been seen over 21,000 hits already even though it has been up for one day only.

I looked up the scandal in the news and Ward Al Khal has not yet commented on the incident and is refusing to talk to the press apparently. [] [ElNashraFan]

While looking for more info about her online, I found this interview with Mona Abou Hamze on MTV’s Talk of the Town show. The interview is labeled for adults only and forbidden for children under the age of 16 but I couldn’t understand why though. [YouTube]

For those of you who don’t know, Ward Al Khal is a famous Lebanese Actress and the sister of another famous Lebanese actor Youssef Al Khal. [Ward Al Khal’s Website]

Stupidity has no limits …

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I was sent the above shown 9gag post by a friend today that is supposed to make fun of a poll on “which operating system you use the most on your computer?” published on a popular Lebanese Facebook page called “Lebanon I Dream Of” that made a poll .

Even though the answer Facebook is quite funny and deserves a facepalm, but whomever made this 9gag post deserves a bigger faceplam because neither Google Chrome nor FireFox are operating systems in the first place, so basically all answers are wrong and not just the underlined Facebook. Added to that, this was probably an open poll where users would submit their answers, so it’s not really the group’s fault.

The funny part is the reaction of some Lebanese in the comments section as some are taking it way too seriously and defending their pride while others are feeling ashamed of being Lebanese.

PS: There are operating systems called Google Chrome OS and Firefox OS but those are different from the web browsers.