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LBCI launches new frequencies

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That’s a very smart move from LBCI. MTV should have taken a similar initiative instead of deciding not to cover activities that give Lebanon a bad image.

LBCI launched new frequencies that will allow the audience to watch its programs without a repeated interruption by newsflashes. For those who want to stay posted on the latest news updates, they could stay tuned to the current frequencies. However, for those wishing to watch LBCI’s episodes without a repeated interruption, they could tune in to the channel with the red LBCI logo.

As per LBC’s website, you can tune in to the new frequencies on:

• Cablevision frequency 11960 MHz – Symbol Rate 30000
• Econet frequency 12120 MHz – Symbol Rate 31250
• Digiteck frequency 12420 MHz – Symbol rate 28175
• Over UCL/Platinum Cable Receiver.

Lebanon in talks with easyJet and Ryanair

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Authorities in Lebanon are in talks with low cost carriers including easyJet and Ryanair about starting operations to the country in a bid to boost a tourism industry that has been rocked by political turmoil in the Arab world, including neighbouring Syria, Tourism Minister Fady Abboud said in an interview with Arabian Business.

I really hope this happens, finally cheap flights from Lebanon to Europe!

“Indeed we are talking to Monarch Airlines, easyJet [and] Ryanair – we’re talking to all of them,” Abboud said in an interview from Beirut. “But Lebanon’s civil aviation will not give them the right to land – they say ‘yes you can come from London, but we want 25 extra flights to Heathrow’.”

Sadly because Lebanon is the center of the universe, it doesn’t look like it will happen. [Link]

Snow Lofts in Faraya

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I noticed on my way up to Mzaar Intercontinental Hotel on Sunday that the snow lofts at the Mzaar’s entrance are almost done. From what I read and heard, Bernard Khoury is the architect behind this project even though I couldn’t find it on his website in the projects section.

The project consists of 10 independent mountain residences located in Faraya San Antonio, Mount Lebanon, 1.600m above sea level. Each villa consists of 5 circular plates of 65m2 each, with a total of 260m2 built up area per unit. Independent terraced gardens define the individual plot of each property allowing for outdoor visitor access in addition to individual vehicular access from the street level provided to each villa independently. The open circular plan layout allow for panoramic views on all preferred orientations at each level.

I wonder how much each loft costs. I say between 750,000 and 1,000,000$.

You can read more about it [Here].

Family, friends bid final goodbye to Lebanese Champion Fadi Tannous

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Hundreds came to mourn Fadi Tannous today at Sayde Church in Achrafieh Sassine. Members of the Lebanese Fencing team and Fadi’s students wore their uniforms and pay their final respects to their role model and champion. Fadi was Lebanon’s fencing champion for over 10 years, Secretary General of the fencing federation and part of the Lebanese Olympic delegation flying to London in 2 weeks.

May God be with his family and fiancée.

PS: I tried looking for articles on Fadi in the news today or mentions of his sudden death on local TVs and only found two small mentions in Al-Akhbar and Al Jomhouriyya. How is it that a guy so devoted to his country and sports, having achieved so many things and won numerous medals and championships ignored in that way? Is he less important than those thugs blocking roads and burning tires? Shame Shame!

Rima Fakih in Lebanon

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Rima Fakih is in Lebanon and loving life while:

– A clash erupted outside EDL’s building in Mar Mikhail between the ISF and demonstrators protesting against contract workers.
– Protesters have been blocking the Sarba road in both directions for over 3 hours now in solidarity with the Lebanese army.
– Syrian troops infiltrated al-Qaa region and opened fire and launched rockets in the area.
– A number of youths surrounded a French UNIFIL patrol in the Tyre district as its members attempted to take photographs of the area. The youths confiscated the camera and fled to an unknown location.
– Dispute between two families in Hermel leave one dead.

Meet Lebanese Jean-Claude Kalache

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Jean-Claude Kalache surrounded by Ed Catmul, President of Walt Disney and John Lasseter, President of Pixar Studios.

Jean-Claude Kalache went to the United States to continue his studies in 1990, and six years later was offered a job by Pixar. He was part of the team that produced Oscar winning movies such as Geri’s Game AK, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Cars and last but not least the movie UP that won two Oscars back in 2009. Jean Claude Kalache is currently the director of photography at Pixar.

“Ce qui me manque le plus c’est la famille, les amis et les manakishes !, dit-il en souriant. Il n’y a rien que je déteste vraiment au Liban… bon peut-être la conduite parfois”.

When asked what he misses most about Lebanon, he said family, friends and Manakish. Read his full interview [Here].