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R.I.P Georgette Sarkissian

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Georgette Sarkissian was one of three victims identified after Achrafieh’s bombing on Friday. She worked as an office helper at BEMO bank, was married and had two children. She was on her way back home to prepare food to her children when the explosion happened.

It is worthy noting that none of the officials or politicians present in Lebanon attended Georgette’s funeral. Added to that, I only saw a mention of her funeral on LBCI news yesterday.

Note: I changed the text in the poster that was being circulated online as I didn’t like the term “used to serve coffee at a bank”.

Victims of the Achrafieh bombing (Update)

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Georgette Sarkissian, 42 years old, mother of three

As I posted earlier yesterday, I am trying to compile a list of the people who got killed by the Achrafieh blast yesterday. However none of the media sources I’ve checked has an updated number or names and until now, there are 3 confirmed dead which are, Wissam Al Hassan, Ahmad Sahyouni and Georgette Sarkissian. Unfortunately though, there seems to be 5 other missing people which were not identified up until this hour.

May they all rest in peace and God be with their families.

Slain General Wissam Al Hassan

Picture of Ahmad Sahyouni. Thank you Elie

PS: I couldn’t find any picture of Ahmad Sahyouni. If anyone does have one, please do share.

Victims of the Achrafieh bombing

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Picture from Al-Jazeera

Update: I couldn’t find any link showing the names of other victims until now. I will keep you posted whenever I find one.

I am trying to compile the list of victims from the bombing that shook Achrafieh today and targeted Wissam Al-Hassan. So far 8 were confirmed dead and more than 118 injured.

Here are the names I was able to get from various media sources. I will update it as soon as I have more info.

Georgette Sarkissian
Wissam el Hassan and his bodyguard Ahmad Sahyouni

Injured: (LBC)
Mary Sayegh, Grace Sayegh, Hanna Sayegh, 9-yer-old Noar Dorlian, Loutfi Elias Rafouj, Michel Ashkar, Jimmy Tong, Marie Breidy, Melhem Rizk, Nassim Khoury, Layla Abboud, Dana Nawfal Nasrallah, Tatiana Naji Aoude, Laure Khoury, Naji Gergy Shhadeh and Dina Sfeir.

10-year-old Jennifer Chdid, her father Richard Chdid and her brother Joseph Chdid, as well as Zeina Chouaib Harkous, Awni Tamer, Thuraya Mohammad Haydarm Josephine Nehme, Elie Zein, Bassem Al Souhaydi, Mohammad Hassan, Yasser Lahlah, Youssef Achour, Elias Faddoul, Pamela Tahan, Michel Sader, Susane Fahed, Latifa Farek, Farid Mahdoum Haydar and 2 Syrian nationals Khaled Kaabour and Mohammad Khadam.

Top Lebanese Security Official Wissam Al-Hassan killed in Achrafieh blast

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As it turns out, someone was indeed targeted and it wasn’t a terrorist attempt against civilians only. May all the victims rest in peace.

Senior Lebanese intelligence official Wissam al-Hassan, who led the investigation that implicated Syria and Hezbollah in the killing of former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri, was killed in the Beirut explosion on Friday, a Lebanese official said. [Link]

Huge blast near Sassine Square in Achrafieh

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Picture from Al-Jazeera

Update: Watch amateur video of the Achrafieh blast taken by Nadine Abou-Elias. [VIDEO]

Update2: More pictures of the blast [Here].

A big explosion erupted in Achrafieh few minutes ago. Early reports are indicating the blast was caused by a car bomb causing 4 kills and tens of injuries until this hour. So far, all sources denied that a political figure was targeted even though the explosion took place near Kataeb office.

You can follow all the updates on LBC and MTV.