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Who is Jill (Khawam) Kelley?

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The David Patreus scandal is on the front page of every newspaper and website in the U.S and Jill Kelley has become the “central figure in the growing scandal that’s ensnared high-ranking officials at the CIA and the Pentagon“. Some websites even want to know who designs her exquisite dresses now.

As I had mentioned earlier, Jill Kelley hails from a Lebanese family (Khawan) that emigrated to Philadelphia in the 1970s. She worked as an unpaid social liaison to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa and used to host events at her million-dollar Bayshore Boulevard home. Jill & her husband Dr. Scott Kelley were good friends of the Patreus family. She has a twin sister Nathalie, an older sister Caroline and a brother called David Khawam. This is what he had to say when interviewed about his sister:

“This is something that’s going to brand her for life,” David Khawam, Kelley’s brother, told TODAY. “My sister, number one, is a mother. OK, she has three kids. She’s extremely dedicated to those kids. Number two, she’s a wife. She’s extremely dedicated to her husband. And he to her.” [Link]

So far, there hasn’t been any proof showing that Jill was Patreus’ second love, but the investigation that followed reveleaded some flirtatious emails between her and another U.S General, John Allen, commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

LIVE Pictures from Lebanon vs. Qatar

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Picture taken by Monileq

Lebanese fans at the stadium – Picture by Elie Harfouche

Predictions show Lebanon as a winner – via @Figo29

Lebanese fans at the Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha

Lebanese Football National team already on the pitch
Both pictures taken from Monileq

The game starts at 4:45 pm Lebanon time. Follow the hashtag #GoLebanon for live updates.

Support Lebanon!

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Update: To watch the game live, click [Here]. Thank you Antoine!

As posted earlier last week, The Lebanese National Football team will play a decisive World Cup Qualifying game against Qatar today on November 14 at 4:45pm at the Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha. Lebanon needs to come back with 3 points in order to keep its chances in the final round of World Cup Qualification alive.

Here’s a post by Figo29 on how important and historic this game is.

Best of luck to the Lebanese National Team!