Dyson at BHV

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I noticed BHV now carries the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners. I’m starting to like BHV a lot more than before and it mostly has to do with their house ware section. They now carry a lot of my favorite brands including the likes of Kitchen Aid mixers, OXO kitchen tools, Bodum glassware and now Dyson. The prices of the vacuums are slightly more expensive than they cost on Amazon which is not bad. Word of advice, if you’re interested in one make your research on the different models online first since the two sales people I spoke to knew less about the brand and vacuum models than I did. They also carry the cool Dyson fans although I always found those a bit over priced.

5 thoughts on “Dyson at BHV

  1. Ronman

    Dyson’s are cool vacuums, but they are mostly known for their inventor rather than for how good they are…

  2. Ronman

    on another note, these posts about Vacuum cleaners, Parked cars, Sajs and Lame Lounge Bars are electrifying…just what you need on a Sunday Afternoon


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