Mabrouk Najib and Justine!

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Najib got engaged this weekend to his longtime girlfriend Justine! (That’s him in the picture with the sword, and that’s Justine on the right, if you were wondering)

The party was in a restaurant in Mansourieh with family and friends. Too Arabic for my taste but everyone had a great time. Especially Najib who doesn’t like to be the center of attention. He must’ve had 15 shots of Arak!

Alf Mabrouk to Najib and Justine!

19 thoughts on “Mabrouk Najib and Justine!

  1. Darine

    So Glad to see it all went well! Mabrouk Najib, looking forward to hear the details and see more photos on FB. Pass my congrats to the lovely bride !

  2. nadine

    mabrouk ya metet ma chefet min met????
    don’t get me wrong, but if it wasn’t from your fiancee’s red dress i would have thought it was your wedding (cake,fireworks…) chou mkhalleh lal 3eress??? ;))))

  3. Ronman

    Congrats Najib…. can’t say much about the photo, it’s so distorted, a better one would be nice 🙂 at lease so that we know how you look like…

  4. Jenjen

    I was there! It was like a small wedding :)) we had a great time… Najib’s dad was the coolest:) He did some nice dancing moves:)

    Congrats Najib and Justin!

    P.S: the food was delicious especially the profiteroles and the chocolate fountain at the end yummyyyy:)

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  6. Danielle

    Congrats Najib! I remember meeting your girlfriend at Phoenicia that one night. Very pretty girl if I do say so myself! You’re a lucky guy!


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