After getting my boarding pass, I noticed a couple of self-service check-in machines right next to the counter. Since I had already checked in, I thought I’d just play around with one of them to see if it works, and it did…. I was shocked! This is a great improvement for business travelers. No more waiting in line behind the family of five with 15 suitcases!

I got a second boarding pass in less than 1 minute!!

The system is very user friendly. I just scanned my passport, input the first 3 letters of my destination and got a screen with my name, frequent flyer, flight and seat numbers. It gave me the option of choosing / changing my seat as well. Then it printed my boarding pass. Simple.

There are 16 airlines linked to the system so far.

The electronic boarding pass is printed on a thin paper. Nothing fancy, just the required information.

Good job Beirut Airport!