12 thoughts on ““أحمر بالخط العريض” to be banned tonight?

  1. Shirine

    He’s just annoying! and he has 0 hosting abilities! he cuts ppl off in the middle of their sentences and jumps from an idea to the other without any coherence.But i salute him for bringing up issues that are considered taboos.

  2. Showtime

    his program is so annoying , its worse than jerry springer show if not from the same caliber !!
    what was the topic of the show tnght so that they banned it ?
    he got transvestites on the show before and it wasnt banned.

  3. lila

    Yes you all judge people by their looks ,he’s covered the most controversial topics in the lebanese society but lets praise the lebanese society for a minute ,they only think they’re the best that’s why they fear what negative stuff is talked about them on tv ,get over yourselves losers

  4. kadjoe


    i am sure that he is a decent and nice guy but he comes out very unlikable and fake…some people are just not meant to be hosts..he should stick to production.

  5. Wael

    He is annoying when he he cuts ppl off in the middle of their sentences but its not his decision, he has a small speaker in his ear telling him to cut ppl and move to another subject so to cover all subjects.


    The man is trying, but sometimes he asks stupid questions and takes long unjustified pauses ….bado shwayet sheghel w byemshe 7alo!


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