Liban: La Revolution

Check out this 9-minute long report by Tancrède Bonora on the Lebanese Revolution. It's been over 110 days now and today was yet another proof that the revolution is alive and kicking! They blocked every single entry to the capital with concrete blocks, they brought in almost every army & ISF regiment to allow MPs to reach parliament and vote in favor of Diab's government and they barely made it inside. Check out the report…

Stricter Capital Controls To Be Implemented This Week?

BDL Governor & The Association of Banks in Lebanon are seeking to legitimize the coercive measures being taken and have dispatched a circular to the government to regulate bank-customer relationships. In the mean time, the government is warning of "painful steps" to avert total collapse as part of a “comprehensive rescue plan” to avert a total collapse of the country’s ailing economy. As far as withdrawal limits are concerned, there's a circular being shared over…

Radio One Shuts Down After 37 Years on Air.

1 month ago
Media outlets are closing one after the other in Lebanon, and the latest is the famous 105.5 Radio One after almost 37 years! I saw the news on and a lot of people have ...

Hassan Diab First PM to Reside at the Grand Serail

2 months ago
MTV reported today that newly appointed Prime Minister Hassan Diab will be moving with his family to the Serail, which makes him the first ever PM to reside at the Grand Serail ever since it ...

500 Lawyers to Visit Prisons Across Lebanon on December 22

3 months ago
Lebanon24 reported last week that the Beirut Bar Association has agreed to send 500 lawyers to all Lebanese prisons on December 22 in an attempt to determine which prisoners: 1- Don’t have a lawyer yet. ...

Lebanese Army Commando Regiment Takes Part in Spain’s National Day Parade

5 months ago
Lebanese soldiers from the Commando Regiment took part this year in the parade in Madrid on the occasion of the Spanish National Day. Last year, The Spanish Army raised the Lebanese flag during a military ...

ESCWA Road Reopens After 8 Years, Salim Slem Works Still Ongoing

6 months ago
ESCWA road was finally reopened after almost 8 years by orders of Interior Minister Raya el Hassan, in an attempt to ease traffic. I never understood why this road was closed in the first place, ...

Future TV Shuts Down, Workers Rights Still Not Settled

6 months ago
Future TV has been temporarily shutdown by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who owns the TV, due to financial difficulties. FTV employees have been on strike for months after not being paid their wages and chances ...

US Raises Visa Prices for Lebanese, B1 / B2 Visas Not Affected

7 months ago
Below is the statement released by the US Embassy in Lebanon a couple of weeks back: The U.S. Government continuously re-evaluates reciprocity schedules worldwide to ensure that U.S. visa issuance fees are commensurate with fees ...

Diageo To Implement 26-Week Paid Parental Leave Policy

8 months ago
Update: Diaego is not the first apparently in Lebanon as Zomato has implanted a 6 months paternity & a 6 months maternity for its employees since May. Diageo Lebanon is set to be the first ...