We Finally Have a New Government!

The new government was just announced today after NINE months of ongoing negotiations. Instead of reducing the number of ministers, they kept it at 30 to satisfy all the political parties. I shared the full lineup below as shared by and recited by Council of Ministers Secretary General Fouad Fleifel: It is worth noting that: - There are four female ministers, as opposed to one female minister in the last government. - The ministries of…

Al-Mustaqbal newspaper to stop printing and become digital on February 1st

“Faced by the transformations that the press industry is witnessing in Lebanon and the world, and the continuous decline in sales and advertising revenues in the local market, the administration of al-Mustaqbal Newspaper has decided to stop issuing the daily’s print edition as of February 1, 2019” Georges Bkassini, Al Mustaqbal newspaper's managing editor will be in charge of the digital version. Founded by former prime minister Rafik Al Hariri in 1999, it follows As-Safir…

Someone is Killing Squirrels in Akkar’s Oak Forest

1 month ago
Some of the best naturally preserved forest reserves are in Akkar, including Al-Chanbouq Reserve and Al Qammouaa (in Fnaidek) which are areas of rich biodiversity where you can find Cedar and pine trees as well ...

R.I.P Gavin Ford

2 months ago
Radio One shared the heart-breaking news few minutes ago on their Facebook page. I have no idea what happened but some media outlets are reporting that he was found dead in his apartment but I ...

Ibrahim Maalouf Found Guilty of Assaulting 14-Year Old Schoolgirl

2 months ago
Last year, French-Lebanese trumpet player and teacher and composer Ibrahim Maalouf was celebrating his César for “Best Original Score” at France’s most prominent film awards. This year, he faced accusations of assaulting a 14-year-old schoolgirl ...

Carlos Ghosn Accused of Financial Misconduct, Facing Arrest in Japan

3 months ago
Now that’s not something we’d want to be hearing about Carlos Ghosn, but Nissan’s Chairman and Renault’s CEO is apparently facing arrest in Japan and will be fired for alleged financial violations. Some Japanese media ...

Bekaa’s Attorney General Sues a Citizen for Littering

3 months ago
It’s hard to believe, but there are still a lot of people who litter and unfortunately for one pick-up driver who was throwing garbage out of his window, Bekaa’s Attorney General was driving behind him ...

What’s Really Happening to Lycee Abdul Kader?

3 months ago
Destroying heritage buildings and houses, green spaces, public beaches has become an unfortunate trend in past years in Beirut, and the latest victim might me the old Lycee Abdul Kader building. I don’t know how ...

UNHCR: 88% of Syrian Refugees Want to Return Home

3 months ago
Amid all this talk about naturalizing refugees and keeping them in Lebanon, UNHCR representative to Lebanon Mireille Girard revealed yesterday that 88% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon want to return to their country, but cannot ...

Dr. Paul Salem Becomes First Lebanese-Arab President of the Middle East Institute

4 months ago
Dr. Paul Salem, former director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut and one of the world’s leading scholars on the Middle East, has been named president of the Middle East Institute (MEI). The ...