Lebanon’s former Central Bank governor left his office with a Zaffé and is nowhere to be found ever since. He’s supposedly still in the country given the travel bans imposed on him and international arrest warrants issued to his name, but he could have snuck out for all we know.

In fact, and according to a recent article by Financial Times, Salameh dubbed ‘The magician’, has “allegedly crafted his own protection. Having left the BdL “with secrets in tow”, the senior politician says, he has made known they are scattered on flash drives outside the country “should something bad happen to him”.”

In other words, the political cover he had still stands and those who colluded with him at some point are not willing to go after him, and by those I mean the majority of the political parties if not all.

The US Sanctions on Salameh is definitely a turning point, but I am doubtful it will incite Salameh’s buddies to go after him.