Café Matik… I’m impressed

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I’ve made it very clear a number of times before that I think Café Matik at the Beirut Airport sucks and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who kept complaining because it seems they’ve listened. I was at the airport a few days backed and decided to pass by Café Matik and check out what they had and to my surprise they’ve introduced new sandwiches that reminded me a lot of Pret A Manger. I ended up picking up a Ham, Brie and Cranberry sandwich that turned out to be delicious. Would have had a second if it wasn’t priced at 14,000LL.

3 thoughts on “Café Matik… I’m impressed

  1. Danielle

    It’s airport food people, of course it’s over priced..If you are so concerned about the price, pack a sandwich before you go! ;)But compared to other airports 14,000 is pretty standard!

  2. Diala

    Don’t ever eat there! At first I wasn’t aware that I had food poisoning from eating there the first time In July 2011. I was also pregnant and the diarrhea lasted for over 2 weeks and I ended up miscarrying. Yesterday, august 5, 2011, my husband and I ate there again and I hadn’t eaten anything before the flight except from cafe matik and half way thru the flight I felt nauseated and bloated and I couldn’t eat anything all evening yesterday not even the food they offered during the flight. I kept burping and tasting what I ate from that cafe. It was gross! Today, both my husband and I woke up with watery stool. I really hope they close down this shop. It’s really dangerous to keep it running especially that people eat there then travel and can’t go back to report getting sick from there or even realize that they actually got sick from eating there. A lot of people usually think they got sick from eating food on the plane but am 100% sure I got food poisoned from cafe matik cause I did not eat anything before or after eating there.


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