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Did you know that Lebanon won 2 Bronze medals at the Paralympic Games in Beijing? Did you know that both medals were won by the same person (Edward Maalouf) ? Did you know that he received very little support from Lebanese Authorities (Plane ticket + Tracksuit) ? Did you know that he did not receive official recognition other than congratulations from the Lebanese ambassador to China? Did you know that he will compete in this year’s Paralymics as well? Did you know that he is sponsored by the British Embassy in Beirut only? I’ll leave you to be the judge.

via STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon

9 thoughts on “Edward Maalouf

  1. Tony

    Whoua like almost all the time, we realize that our gouvernement is bullshit !!! Sorry for the word but how we can not give a national support to Mr Maalouf !?

    Please If u want to support him and tell him that all lebanese are behind him, send him a personal message : https://www.facebook.com/edward.maalouf
    Or we could create a group on facebook for him 🙂


  2. T

    What he did he did for himselph
    good for him!w alla y2awi
    and nothing new from the leb gov so this time as well he shouldn’t expect any better

  3. Tomp

    so what? What’s the whole fuss about it?

    The Lebanese government doesn’t care about any of its other citizens… I don’t see why this story is getting attention, he’s another Lebanese guy!


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