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I went to Skybar last night and I have to say the place looks amazing with the huge screen walls all around. Jimmy’z was at Skybar last night which I would have figured would mean we’d finally get some good music but it was still crap. The music is actually the worst part of Skybar, they might as well have been tuned in to Mix FM or Radio One. Actually I wish they were tuned in to NRJ last night since they had Jade from BASEMENT playing. At least then we would have had some decent music.

The service last night was really good since my group had a table which for some odd reason came with a butler/waiter? I thought it was pretty awkward having a butler standing at the end of our table the whole night but I could imagine some people liking that plus you don’t have to search for a waiter when you need something. I shot a few videos but since the connection is pretty slow I only managed to upload the one above. [YouTube]

5 thoughts on “Jimmy’z at Skybar

  1. zaydoun

    When Skybar first opened, the music was semi-decent and you got to hear some stuff that your ears hadn’t gotten tired of

    Now it’s exactly how you describe it, and what’s worse is people go absolutely batshit crazy for songs they hear 10 times a day all year!!!

    It’s a shame because I like the venue, especially on Sundays when it’s not as packed

  2. Ronman

    Skybar is perhaps the most overblown, over-hyped place in the history of Beirut’s nightlife.

    Skybar is 10% fact, 90% reputation… the music is good for those who like familiar sounds in a good settings, the drinks are good too, but i still don’t see the point of it being in such a messed up construction area like BIEL, it’s humid, hot and designed to cater for those who spend most of their night out worrying about who’s seeing them while they look at others… i know it sounds like a Cliche, but it’s a sad fact… not to mention the stupid prices…

    there have been much better places to party at in Beirut, and i’m positively certain that there still are better places…

  3. Danielle

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with your commentary and the two comments above. I’ve only been there once since I moved to Beirut, and I wasn’t at ALL impressed. The music was shitty, it was overcrowded, the service was bad (probably coz I didn’t have a table), and no one looked like they were having fun! Yeah,,and ummm having a butler there partying with your group of friends? AWKWARD! I just don’t think it’s at all worth the hype..And that’s a shame since it is a beautiful venue (albeit located in a very weird place). Hope you had a decent time!

  4. jeff

    The butler thing seems to be an emulation of the Vegas scene. However; I have not been to Beirut to profess anything. It seems that it is a club for people with a lot of mulla to throw around and be seen. If I’m wrong I am certain you can correct me.

  5. zaydoun

    It also follows the trend of packing in as many people as possible with no room to actually, you know, dance!

    Again… if you have the urge to go, do it on Sunday nights, where it can actually be tolerable


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