Palms The Legend: Who Authorized This Monstrosity?

The Archaeological Site of Nahr el-Kalb has on Lebanon’s Tentative List for potential future World Heritage nomination since 2019 yet the Lebanese authorities don't seem too adamant to include it. Instead, they somehow authorized a local party to build its headquarters right on top of the Nahr el Kalb mountain where all the historical monuments are, and to make things worse, allowed the construction of a humongous music venue right in the middle of the…

Skybar is Reopening on June 28th

Skybar's last summer farewell party took place on October 4 2019, few days before protests begun and the country sunk into a severe and never-ending economic collapse. However, and despite the country being in crisis, Beirut's nightlife always appears to recover quickly and this summer, its most iconic spot is set to reopen after four years of absence. Skybar, which goes by "Skybar The last Dance" now, announced few days ago its reopening on the…

Zomato remodels its Gold program, limiting users per day and per table

4 years ago
The “fair usage policy” is something we got used to hearing in Lebanon in the technology domain, with data consumption. But guess what? Zomato has started applying it too. On September 21st, if you consulted ...

Three New Hot Rooftops in #Beirut

4 years ago
The best way to escape the summer heat in Beirut is by heading to the beaches or to rooftop bars where you can cool down with a drink or two. This summer, Two new exciting ...

Uruguay Street is Back

4 years ago
Three years after shutting down, Beirut’s Uruguay Street was reopened for business last week. The street was renovated and reopened with nine new pubs and bars including Wicked, Sugar Fish, Monkey Bar, Mojito, Duval, LA ...
Middle East

MusicHall to launch in Saudi Arabia on June 15, as Jeddah hosts stellar music event lineup

4 years ago
After Beirut in 2003 and Dubai in 2013, MusicHall by Michel Eléftériadès is expanding to reach Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, with the launch set for June 15, as announced by its owner on social media ...

“French in the city: à Beyrouth” – M6 Report Online

5 years ago
On the third episode of the show “French in the city”, which airs on M6 every Saturday night, David Ginola took his community to Lebanon, by following French people’s daily lives, who’ve been residing in ...

De Prague Hamra is Shutting its Doors on August 16

5 years ago
I was reading yesterday that de Prague is closing shop on August 16 and remembered that they were due to close five years ago but changed their minds. It’s definitely unfortunate news but I just ...

ODD: Reviving Batroun’s Nightlife

5 years ago
Batroun has always been known for its avant-garde nightlife scene, back when Monot was what Mar Mikhael is today, Batroun’s clubs were full to the brim. The past few years though, the clubbing scene in ...

Discotek Night Club Shut Down by Interior Minister

6 years ago
Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq has ordered Discotek to be closed following the video circulated showing half-naked women dancing and kissing. Beirut Governor Ziad Chbib also shared a video where he stated that the night club ...