Three years after shutting down, Beirut’s Uruguay Street was reopened for business last week.

The street was renovated and reopened with nine new pubs and bars including Wicked, Sugar Fish, Monkey Bar, Mojito, Duval, LA Cantina del Patron, Casa de Uruguay, U Lounge Bar, and Gino Bar. I’m surprised Main Street didn’t re-open as it was the most popular pub there when the street was at its peak, that and Checkpoint Charlie (I miss this place!).

All in cases, this is definitely good news, as Uruguay was ideally located for those working in Beirut’s central district and looking for a close-by happy hour place. I just hope they will organize a bit the valet parking mafias causing a hellish traffic there.

Will Uruguay Street’s re-opening revive the DT area? A bit maybe but a lot of work still needs to be done to attract locals and tourists.