The Archaeological Site of Nahr el-Kalb has on Lebanon’s Tentative List for potential future World Heritage nomination since 2019 yet the Lebanese authorities don’t seem too adamant to include it. Instead, they somehow authorized a local party to build its headquarters right on top of the Nahr el Kalb mountain where all the historical monuments are, and to make things worse, allowed the construction of a humongous music venue right in the middle of the river.

The venue is called “Palms the Legend” and consists of a 1250 square meters construction blocking the majority of the riverbed and causing environmental damages to its surrounding, from noise pollution to air pollution from fireworks and traffic jams.

Unfortunately, we can’t blame them as they are allowed legally to operate and they even claim they are not causing any environmental harm. Even more, they issued a statement inviting environmental and geological experts to assess the venue’s impact on the environment.

Once again, the real blame is on the concerned ministries who should do their due diligence by inviting experts to assess the venue’s environmental impact and take the necessary measures accordingly. Until then, the Lebanese people don’t seem too bothered by the situation. Who cares about anything as long we’re partying right?