I don’t recall ever seeing an animal rights activist as devoted & committed as Ghina is. I’ve been following her for years and she’s almost always relentlessly trying to solve every animal abuse case and find a shelter for any injured or abandoned animal. Unfortunately, and instead of praising her work and supporting her, the Lebanese authorities and more specifically the Cybercrime bureau, have summoned Ghina at least twice so far this year for reporting environmental crimes.

The latest case involved a Lebanese restaurant (Abou Gaby) running without a license from the Ministry of Agriculture according to Ghina, committing numerous hunting crimes and intentionally displaying a killed gazelle. Instead of investigating the restaurant in question following three complaints filed over three years, the security services only took into consideration the lawsuit filed by the restaurant owner and summoned Ghina accordingly.

All the support to Ghina in her fight against such heinous crimes and against a rotten state.