dog The trainer hit the dog with a sharp tool on his head to keep him away from the kid – via Annahar

A seven year old boy was killed yesterday after a dog attacked him in his family’s farm. The incident happened after the boy’s father was cleaning one of the kennels and somehow the dog, which looks like a Pitbull Terrier, grabbed the kid by his head and killed him instantly. Of course this is a terrible accident and I offer my condolences to the parents, but the kennel needs to be closed down if it’s training dogs for fights. I already asked a couple of people and they told me it’s a common practice to train dogs for illegal fights in the Bekaa and elsewhere.

A lot of people have a misconception that pit bulls are more violent than other dogs, but I think it all comes back to how the dog is treated. Any dog from any breed can be aggressive if he’s abused and trained to fight and any dog can be gentle if he’s treated humanely. Even if some argue that pit bulls are genetically different than other dogs, and pit bulls have a very strong bite when compared to other breeds, the owners should take the proper measures like using muzzles when they train a pit bull as a guard dog or for fighting. I think the police should investigate all kennels not just this one to put an end to these illegal fights and try to prevent future dog maulings.

In all cases, it’s a tragic incident that’s for sure but something needs to be done about some training camps and kennels because the process of raising and training fighting dogs is cruel and harmful to animals. Here’s one of many [videos] that shows how brutal this sport is.

PS: I just learned today that the movie “How To Train Your Dragon” is about dogs. I should watch it soon. Thanks Nadine!