I was reading yesterday that de Prague is closing shop on August 16 and remembered that they were due to close five years ago but changed their minds.

It’s definitely unfortunate news but I just realized I haven’t been to a Hamra pub in at least five years and it’s mainly due to the traffic and Mar Mikhail being a more convenient option. I’ve had tons of memories at that place as well as other Hamra pubs. It will definitely be missed.

Dear friends of de Prague,
We are sad to inform you that de Prague, Makdessi street, Hamra will be closing shop on August 16, 2018.
Wednesday August 15 shall be our last day/night in operation.
The reasons for this are first that the whole building was sold, shortening our lease. Also, the economic situation in our beloved country is not encouraging us to keep on the doors open at any cost.
We would like to thank you, each and every one of you, for your wonderful support since de Prague opened its doors back in 2005. Few outlets have lasted that long,
Thanks to you.
Thank you so much again.
Very sincerely,
de Prague Managemet